Eye for an Eye

Be it celebrities or common people, when it comes to summer, sunglasses are a top priority for everyone. Sunglasses have become a very essential fashion accessory for men. If you regard yourself to be metro-sexual with a high sense of fashion and luxury, you cannot overlook modern, trendy sunglasses for men.
There is a huge range of sunglasses available in the market depending on your sense of style and your budget. Men’s sunglasses not only block sunlight and glare but also help them make a fashion statement. Some of the best men’s sunglasses brands that are available today in the market are Gucci, Vogue, Prada, Ray Ban, Ed Hardy, Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. These brands will cost you anywhere between 5k to 60k or even more.
Finding cheap men’s sunglasses may be a bit difficult. People who have relatively low budget and still want to own a brand, can always buy Fastrack Eye Gear which costs from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000. The other alternative would be eBay. This mega-auction website offers authentic designer sunglasses with low prices up to 25-30% as the products are used or pre-owned.
Sunglasses are yet another item to the list of essentials for healthy, safe, comfortable travel to a sunshine destination. Travel generally increases your eyes’ exposure to the sun because of the long hours of driving and sun reflecting off water and sand at beach. Sunglasses have been around for a long time but until recently they were mostly a fashion accessory to make you look debonair, tough or mysterious. Protecting your eyes from sun was almost an afterthought. But today there is growing evidence that sunglasses can provide vital health protection from sun rays, which cause damage to the eye’s lens and retina throughout life, decreasing visual accuracy.
When you talk about men’s sunglasses there is one name which stands out from all others and that is AVIATORS’ and the credit goes to Ray Ban. Aviators come with tear-dropped and mirror lenses. They were very popular in military and law enforcement areas. Though Aviator sunglasses have been in the market for along time, it has never lost its sheen and popularity among the buyers. Aviator sunglasses are a good example of classic and elegant sunglasses in the fashion industry.


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  1. I love sunglasses! I think they add a lot to some people's personalities. :)

  2. rightly said Renuka.. Sunglasses really add value to one's personality and I love them too :-)