Guys buckle up coz I am gonna talk about that one accessory that we always forget to talk about. Well it wont be wrong to say that we always focus on what’s our top-half and what’s on our bottom-half and this is our common habit. But we are gonna have to break it because this time we need to focus on that one area that we don’t always think about and it is the area that separates our upper and lower 
half- ‘WAIST’.
Belts are considered to be “GENTLEMAN’s FINEST ACCESSORY”. This is what you need to finish off your outfit and hold up your trouser. It is necessary to match your shoes with belts. Formal belts are commonly black, brown or tan. So, when choosing a formal belt, always stick with a simple, metal-coloured buckle. Casual belts are typically cotton, polyester or nylon but are available in range of colours, shades and patterns. Checks, stripes and zebra prints are all a lot of fun, but can look a little unconventional if not worn right. If in doubt, stick with simple shades that compliment your favourite footwear, these will always look good with the right pair of
It’s clear that belt as an accessory is much more significant than we thought, so put this on your waist with good taste to complete your attire in style.

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