Restaurant Review- Trader Vic's Mai-Tai Lounge


Bangalore has been gaining a reputation as a mainstay of food innovation. But I always had a doubt about it as I have been dining in some Bangalore’s best restaurants for a while now but I wasn’t satisfied to the core. I always believe that a restaurant is not necessarily liked by its size and ambience but the quality of its food and kindness of its staff and to be honest TRADER VIC’s MAI TAI LOUNGE perfectly fits in this category. My craving for quality and innovative food ended after dining here and I can’t wait to make myself available to visit there again
What makes dining more pleasant here is the ambience and beautiful lake view, setting up for a blissful evening with people you love. And not to miss out its exterior that reminds of the restaurants in Paris which I have always seen in the movies. And the music and the tiki statues in most corners adds pleasure to the food.

Talking about the food, I (along with my friend) started with a non-alcoholic drink- Coral Reef, Island corn cake and Tsukuni grilled chicken followed by Grilled huli huli chicken, Baked spinach and potato chips with pita bread and Mai tai crispy chicken and to conclude with desserts, I had Choko nut tiki and Coffee crème brulee.

To be very honest, every single food listed above was a positive surprise to me and was thanking myself to be here. Right from the drink to food to desserts, everything was interesting and fabulous in terms of taste, creativity and presentation. But I would like to specially mention my favourite among the above listed menu and it is 'Baked spinach and potato chips' with pita bread. I am a non-vegetarian and hate the monotonous veg food but this veggie had me clean bowled and surprised me with its authentic spinach presence and all I could do was praise the Chef for his masterpiece indeed.
To conclude, all I can say is- dining at TRADER VIC’S MAI-TAI LOUNGE, Pleasure is all mine.


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