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California Pizza Kitchen


Being a foodie, I would like to admit that Pizza is my first love and the credit for belly that I have been forming lately has to be my love for Pizza. When the invite came in for the California Pizza Kitchen’s Mexican food festival, named Mexifornia, I was all pumped up as I have been there once along with my friends & you get to try different varieties of delicious Pizza which makes CPK unique and ahead of other brands. But though I have been there, the expectations were high for Mexifornia!

We were a group of 6 bloggers who had been invited for the same purpose of tasting and providing genuine feedback. We were informed by the manager that this food festival does not include alcoholic drinks, hence only non-alcoholic drinks would be served. I scanned through the menu and picked Cranberry Punch followed by Orange Party & Virgin Mojito. I loved the Cranberry Punch as the flavour was so intense that it left a lingering wish to have more and more of it. And Virgin Mojito is always my favourite non-alcoholic pick.

Being a non-vegetarian, there is always an upper advantage as I can taste even the vegetarian food and my veggie friends always kick me for this. To start with, Chicken and Paneer Enchilada were served for non-vegetarians and vegetarians respectively. I being a foodie don’t give a damn to calories coz I believe calorie accompanies tasty food. Filled to the hilt with Paneer, the starter set the mood going great about what next could be expected.

This was followed by Baja Pizza which again had two choices- thin crust pizza for vegetarians and thick crust pizza for non-vegetarians. The thin crust veggie pizza looked amazing with the topping of onions, roasted corn, thinly sliced mushroom, black beans and mozzarella cheese. Whereas, the chicken Pizza had a thick outer crust with a topping of deep fried chicken, onion and coriander leaves.
The taste of chicken pizza was amazingly different from what I have been having of other brands as onion was playing a brilliant cameo to enhance the taste and making it delightful. The only drawback was the outer thick crust which was very difficult to chew. 

Next on the menu to be served was Tacos and Mexican Rice (veg & non-veg). Taco was filled with toasted corn tortilla, topped with fried shrimps, chicken or paneer and was served with Mexican Rice and grilled limes. To be honest, this was a bit off taste when compared to other items on the menu. Tacos were still fine but the Mexican Rice had too much of lemon content.

To end the proceedings of taste and delight, the best was saved for the last. The dessert had two items- Chocolate Mole Mousse and The Churros. Not only me but all the other bloggers fell in love with the chocolate mousse, one of the finest I have ever had. I was so much in love with the mousse that I shamelessly asked for another bowl of it.

If I had to visit California Pizza Kitchen once again, I would be more than happy to take my friends along as not only this place offers you variety but it’s worth your money. It is ‘Simplemente Increíble’ i.e. simply amazing.


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