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   Mojito Mania

Well to be honest, I am not a guy who is a big fan of drinking alcohol but doesn't mind gulping a glass of finely prepared cocktail occasionally. When the invite came in for the ‘Mojito Mania’ by Hard Rock Café, I was not very sure if I would be able to do justice to the drinks and the occasion but I was taken in for a surprise by the wide variety of fruit flavored Mojito’s which kept rolling one after the other.

‘Mojito Mania’ by Hard Rock Café offers 8 enthralling varieties namely: Grape Mojito (combination of sweet and sour taste made of rum, seedless red grapes and mint leaves) Orange Mojito (sweet orangy taste made of rum, mint leaves and slices of orange), Bell Pepper Mojito, Green Apple Mojito, Mango Mojito, Watermelon Mojito, Red & Sweet Guava Mojito and Cucumber Mojito (bitter taste, made of rum, mint leaves and slices of Cucumber). 

Being a mango lover, I pounced on the Mango Mojito to start with and trust me when I say, it was mangolicious. I gulped half glass in no time thinking nothing would be better than this drink only to be proved wrong till I switched to Watermelon Mojito. It had an authentic lingering taste with fresh watermelon dipped in rum making it amazingly good. In no time I had a sip from all 8 varieties and the Bell Pepper Mojito deserves a special mention as it stood out as the best to me. It had a very unusual combination of spicy, sweet & sour taste along with rum and mint leaves enhancing the drink.

At the end of the evening I was all tipsy, walking along with my other blogger friends in the beautiful Bangalore drizzle and cool breeze brushing our cheeks, making an evening to be remembered. 
If you are a mojito maniac, the best place to quench your thirst this summer with a wide varieties of fruity mojito is at Hard Rock Cafe. 


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