World Prematurity Day with an awareness initiative by PHILIPS


On the event of “World Prematurity Awareness Day” – 17th November 2013, Philips Innovation Campus organized an awareness session with Dr. Karthik Nagesh on the topic “Developmental care for premature babies” at Bangalore.

Philips also showcased innovative products available for neonatal care of premature babies, both in the Healthcare and Consumer Lifestyle segments to mark the occasion.

In India over 35 lakh children are born premature. Proper handling and efficient medical care is the need of the hour. These tiny patients are at a high risk of a variety of long term developmental complications including motor impairments, cognitive deficits, and behavioral disorders. Although physical and motor disorders may be more noticeable, increasingly more focus is being directed towards the mental health issues that children born prematurely or at low birth weight are at higher risk for attention-deficit, attention-deficit-hyperactive, anxiety, and other emotional disorders. Anxious parents of pre-term babies can deal with the difficulties of handling a premature baby if they are well-informed and work closely with care givers.

Dr. Karthik Nagesh, a senior neonatologist and Founder, Managing Trustee of the ‘Foundation for Newborns’ which is a trust that does charity for sick babies and promotes newborn health, spoke on the occasion and quoted “Babies born too soon need a good start in life. Hence we should do whatever it takes to reduce the burden and mortality associated with prematurity by spreading awareness on the need for their safe delivery in institutions where they can be cared for.”

With emphasis on Integrated development care for neonates, Philips showcased  a range of products to promote family centered care including positioning aids like Bendy bumpers, Prone Plus, Snuggle Up, Fredrick T Frog, and Wee pee Diapers for premature neonates.

Demonstrating the products, Mr.Srikanth Muthya, Director, Healthcare, said “Each product is developed with seven evidence based core measures in mind: Healing Environment, Partnering with Families, Positioning & Handling, Protecting Sleep, Minimizing Stress & Pain, Optimizing Nutrition, and Safeguarding Sleep” He also added  “Philips  has extended beyond basic therapeutic devices and  moved into cognitive developmental care for  premature new borns.”


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