Apigee’s Hackathon aims at Skill Building for Indian Developer Community

‘Apithon’ - Apigee’s Hackathon aims at Skill Building for Indian Developer Community

Around 60 developers across South India came together to share and learn new paradigms for today’s programmable world

Apigee, one of the leading API platform providers in the world conducted ‘Apithon’ – an exclusive hackathon for select ‘app’ developers from across the country. The 36 hour hackathon (December 13th to 15th) was aimed at promoting a new way of application development by engaging developers across South India to learn the new programming paradigm.

The three day event witnessed active participation from some of the leading developer communities including BangaloreJS (Bangalore Javascript Community), Blrdroid (Bangalore Android Developer Group) and many more who came together to create effective and innovative applications and processes for the evolving digital landscape in India. The participants designed and shared ideas based on themes 3 Tier App and Mashup APIs. 3-Tier-App in mobile development is an alternate way to create the mobile stack. 

                               Pic:  Participants creating an app that changes the colour of the bulb according  
                                       to the music being played.

It is mainly focused on offloading data processing to a cloud infrastructure rather than the mobile itself. This saves the battery and computing power of the mobile. Mashup APIs leverage Apigee’s API platform to mashup different APIs in the cloud infrastructure itself instead making multiple API calls from the mobile itself. Mobile app developers often have a need to expose their own APIs. Apigee’s platform provides a way to do that with minimal effort and zee cost. Both these themes are a proposal to architect the mobile stack in a different and efficient way, which is beneficial for both developers and app end users.

Speaking at the event, Srinivasulu Grandhi, VP and Managing Director, Apigee (India) said, “We are in the middle of a digital transformation and all businesses, large or small, need to develop a digital presence in order to survive. They need to create sustainable competitive advantage and win market leadership under the new rules of the programmable world. With Apithon, our aim is to create awareness for the developer community to learn new ways of programming and not just learn but hack to glory by building cool new, contextually rich experiences.”

                                               Pic: Mr. Srinivasulu Grandhi interacting with the bloggers

Nagaraju Kummari, a senior developer employed by Accenture, who participated in the event, said, “App development is much more beyond building a “client app”. It is about providing rich, contextually relevant experiences to your users across a wide variety of devices that they use on a daily basis. It’s great that Apigee is providing us with this intellectually stimulating environment for us to learn, share and unleash our creativity. This has been a wonderful experience.”

As computing and connectivity dramatically increased over the years, the critical mass of computing power has moved further away from the center to the edge - from glass rooms, to office desks to coat pockets. This cumulative effect has brought us to the tipping point of a programmable world. Within the next few years, fifty billion connected, sensing devices and a trillion instrumented objects will wrap people, organizations and things with digital representations as fundamental to their identities as their physical selves.

By connecting to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), the devices can deliver on the larger context of their users needs. For example: Cars can present traffic information; TVs and DVDs can stream movies; washers can run when electricity is cheapest. All of these have changed user expectations and are creating a programmable world that we are just beginning to fully experience.


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