Age in scotches doesn’t matter anymore when there is a triple matured scotch like TGR

TGR – A triple matured scotch
Age in scotches doesn’t matter anymore

There was a time when people preferred scotch with longer age, reason being the aging scotch shows better maturity, taste and aroma. I have always heard people talking about the age of the scotches and how strong it tastes as it grows in age. This has been the perception of the people from a long long time and they are right to every extent.

But there is something that will definitely change this perception of age in scotches. Why do you need to wait for the scotch to age and taste better, when you can have something which is better matured, very strong in taste and aroma and it is very young?

Trust me when I say, age in scotches will not matter anymore. Black Dog’s Triple Gold Reserve (TGR) is the only blended Scotch that is produced involving a triple maturation process. 

If you are a Black Dog fan, you would be aware that it labels its scotches with the number of maturation years that the scotch goes through but TGR has no specific year mentioned. Wonder why? There is a difference between a normal scotch maturation process and TGR’s Triple Maturation Process.

I believe that the pictures speak louder than words. So would like to explain the difference between a normal scotch maturation process and TGR’s Triple Maturation Process with the help of two images posted below:

Image 1: 

Image 1: Shows normal maturation process. "Matured Single malt" and "Matured Grain whisky" are combined and bottled. There is no “THIRD” maturation process carried out on the mixture. It is bottled and sent to the stores for final consumption.

Image 2:

Image 2: Shows triple maturation process. "Matured Single Malt" and "Matured Grain Whisky" is blended together and is introduced to another level of maturation. The third time maturation and blending is carried inside a sherry cask. This is the reason why it is called ‘Tripe Gold Reserve’.


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