Appreciation of the perfect scotch whisky – The Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve (Episode 1)

Appreciation of the perfect scotch whisky – The Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve
(Episode 1)

I have been writing a lot about Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve in past few weeks and it was indeed a great pleasure to interact with Mr. Andrew Skene, a scotch patron and connoisseur at Puma Social club. Mr. Andrew, all the way from Scotland was in Bengaluru to edify us more about the best scotch in the world – Black Dog’s Triple Gold Reserve.

While Andrew was here, he carried on him various articles of interest that we had only heard about. He spoke at length about how scotch was made back home and also what went into making Black Dog TGR “The Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve”.

Andrew, a person with a good sense of humour started the session with the history of Black Dog, origin of the brand ‘Black Dog’, the process of making a fine Scotch and the bottling process. He went on speak about the Importance of maturation and the choice of woods for maturation process.

I would try and speak about all the points listed above in different episodes.

Before we get to the business and talk more about scotch and Black Dog TGR, let me give you a brief description about the man of the hour - Andrew Skene:

Andrew Skene comes from Aberdeen, Scotland, on the doorstep of Speyside (Scotland’s whisky producing heartland). He grew up with a love for Scotch whisky, its culture, and socio-economic significance. His expertise are Marketing & Branding and he is certified in Scotch whisky for sales and service. In 2003, Andrew felt the need to give impetus to Scotch in South Asia. Since setting up Spirit of Scotland Pvt. Limited in 2006, in Singapore, Andrew has created various Scotch whisky concepts, organized and run numerous tasting and training sessions over the last decade.

Andrew started with the story of how the word "Whisky" came into place. It is an Anglicized name for "Usquebaugh" or the water of God in Scot. If translated, the word literally means 'water of life'. Now you must be acknowledging the fact how apt is the naming.

Stay tuned to know about the journey of Black Dog from its birth to the Triple Gold Reserve. Come back and look for upcoming episodes.

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