Appreciation of the perfect scotch whisky – The Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve (Episode 3)

Appreciation of the perfect scotch whisky – The Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve
(Episode 3)

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Yesterday I spoke about the origin of Black Dog Scotch and the reason behind the name. Moving further, in today’s episode of Appreciation of the perfect scotch whisky – The Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, I will give actual information on how Barleys from field is turned into Black Dog TGR blended scotch whisky.

Barley is a crop grown in European belt in a plenty and its evidence is more felt in Scotland and Ireland. Barley is a soft grain, and its inner material is a white substance. Barley is mixed with water and mashed and fermented. Later, fermented barley grains are heated in a copper pot, as Copper is one of the good conductors of heat. The mixture starts producing alcohol.

The alcohol produced should be trapped now. As alcohol is lighter in density compared to water, the alcohol vapours start to rise upwards. This process is carried in distilleries and alcohol vapours are cooled down to get pure alcohol. This liquid after condensation is close to 80-90% pure. Andrew gave us a glass container which had the distilled alcohol liquid. As soon as I opened the cap, and took the neck of container near my nose, my nostrils experienced burning sensation. Imagine the state of people in those early days when maturation was not even discovered and people consumed whisky in this form. No doubt, maturation of whisky has meant it is received by a wider audience and the taste and nose of whisky is mostly derived from the wood used for Casks.

The Black Dog Triple Gold Whisky follows all the steps mentioned above. The malt and grain whiskies are matured in separate Bourbon casks and then these are married and matured in Sherry casks for a third round of maturation. You can see the different wood materials in the picture. Sherry casks add a lot of flavour and aroma to the TGR as the married liquid breathes through the wood all year long. As the wood expands and compresses due to different seasons, the spirit extracts the properties from the wood. Lets pour ourselves a drink of TGR and enjoy the flavors.

Andrew also explained to us the process of preparing whisky as it has been followed since time immemorial. While there are different types of whiskies, the most refined sophisticated and authentic are those that follow the same process as was followed when the preparation was first identified.

Whiskies can be classified based on whether it is made out of Malt or Grains or Blended. It is also further classified on the basis of how and under what conditions it is matured. It can also be classified from where it comes, the Speyside, the Highlands, the Lowlands and the Islands. While several whiskies these days may be matured in Bourbon casks made of white American Oak, authentic whisky, though expensive to procure, is still matured in European Red Oak casks that once had sherry in them.

The story of how sherry came about to be taken over by whisky was also an interesting one. While in the 17thcentury, women generally had sherry and men stuck to brandy. At that time an unknown bug wiped out and destroyed major crops of grapes resulting in very low production of Sherry and Brandy. This created a demand for alternatives and hence for something better. Whisky was available at that time and was immediately accepted thus filling in the void created by Sherry and Brandy.

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is definitely an authentic whisky even today, from the time when Sir Walter Millard first came down to Scotland to pursue his search for a unique scotch and his love for angling, since the method of preparation is hardly undergone a change. It has been streamlined, technologically improved and employed the learnings from the past failures, yet, when the whisky is supposed to be bottled, it follows a strong process of maturation and blending that was laid down by Sir Walter Millard.

Dear Readers, this was all for the day. Come back tomorrow for the final episode of the appreciation of the perfect scotch whisky. Till then, keep reading about Black Dog TGR with a glass filled with Black Dog in your hand. 

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