Black Dog Quintessence 21 Years old Scotch whisky

Black Dog Quintessence
21 Years old Scotch whisky

Black Dog is a very reputed name in the world when it comes to scotch. All the existing four variants of Black Dog, namely: The Black Dog Quintessence Aged 21 years, The Black Dog Reserve Aged 18 years, The Black Dog Gold Reserve Aged 12 years and The Black Dog Black Reserve scotch whisky have been widely appreciated and loved. But a special mention for The Black Dog Quintessence is a mandate here as it is the finest among all. It is one of the rare aged Scotch whisky available today at every corner of the world.

Black Dog has been around the world over 130 years now and has the antiquity of rich, luxurious and immaculate class. People from different generations have been cherishing this finest scotch and this why Black Dog is the undisputed scotch champion.  

The bottle of Black Dog Quintessence is one of the finest I have ever seen depicting a sense of class and luxury. The intense amber gold with shimmering highlights invites you to a smooth Scotch experience, one that will always be a constant reminder of perfection. When you hold the bottle, it feels nothing less than holding a pure gold. Hand crafted to meticulous perfection, The Black Dog 21 years old is indeed pure liquid gold. 

Bold and splendid, this exceptional blend must be given the respect and respect it richly deserves. For twenty one year’s Black Dog Quintessence has remained dormant in cold dark warehouses before they were finally blended together by Black Dog’s master Blender.  To provide the “finesse” to Quintessence, only 25 of the finest single malts and grain whiskies have been drawn from the Highland region of Scotland. 

Take a glass of this intense amber gold with shimmering highlights and when you quaff, a harmony of delight orchestrated by a multitude of seductive aromas immediately will arouse your senses.

It is highly recommended by taking a generous mouthful of this superb Blend without any water or ice, holding long in the mouth, both on top and underneath the tongue this will greatly assist in unlocking these sensational characteristics. 

Disclaimer: This content is meant only for people above the age of 25


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