Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is the finest scotch to unwind with friends

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is the finest scotch to unwind with friends

Black Dog is one such brand that doesn’t need any formal introduction. Ask a scotch lover, which brand would he/she prefer and certainly it would be Black Dog. Be it a party with friends or colleagues, a get together, a celebration or just chilling out in a pub, Black Dog is one such element which is deemed to be common in these places.

What I have experienced and understood over the period of times is that Black Dog is not just a scotch brand among the consumers; rather it is a sense of pride that drives them. There are end number of instance which I can recount of my friends and colleagues being so passionate about Black Dog. It’s quite a long time that I had first heard about Black Dog with my friends in a party. I can still remember the bonding between friends with a glass of Black Dog in every hand. Being curious and a first timer, I asked the speciality of Black Dog and I heard in unison from my friends – Black Dog is the best scotch you can have and cherish its bold and magnificent taste.

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve as the name itself suggests, is the only blended Scotch that is produced involving a triple maturation process, which makes it unique, bold and even more better. The triple maturation process which involves Grain whiskies and Malt whiskies separately matured in American Bourbon Casks and  then blended together and matured again in Oloroso Sherry Butts for an extra longer period of time to give the blend a distinctive flavour and a delicate finish.

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve indubitably is the finest scotch to unwind with your friends, colleagues and your loved ones. It is triple the fun, taste, aroma and boldness.

If you are reading this, you are smiling and you know I wouldn’t have been more right. You don’t need a reason to hang up with your buddies but you certainly need Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve to make the evening a worthwhile.

There is a lot more in my kitty to share about Black Dog triple Gold Reserve. Come back and get to know more about this finest scotch. Till then, have triple the fun.


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