Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve – Tasting Notes

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve – Tasting Notes

In my previous posts, I have been writing about food pairings with the Black Dog TGR blended whisky. In upcoming posts I will definitely come up with more interesting pairings with TGR. But today, will tell you about the tasting notes of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. Every human being has its own personality, looks and charm, so does every whisky. There is end number of brands of whisky and every whisky has a tasting note of its own, TGR being really exceptional.

COLOR: Enchanting Antique Gold

NOSE: Lovely balance of matured wood and rich malt touches the senses. Smoothness of Vanilla and butterscotch are skillfully embedded on layers of honey, creamy caramel, cinnamon and marzipan with a subtle hint of citrus fruits. Delicate aromas of cracked spiced pepper are perceived even in the rich complexity of the blend.

PALATE: Elegant wood flavors caress the palate as they slowly unfold. Sweet whispers of caramelized peaches and vanilla add to the complexity of wood elements. Even in its intriguing complexity, all flavors are wonderfully balanced with a delicate spread of medium sweetness at the end.

FINISH: A warm sensation down the throat. The feeling stays for a quite a brief time and keeps wanting for more.

Now while you wonder what could have gone into making “The Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve”, let me add that it is no simple process! The unique blends and the hidden flavors are due to the maturation of the spirit in the American bourbon casks and the Spanish Oloroso sherry casks. While the whisky is a blend of Single Malt and Single Grain Whisky, the maturation process and the art of blending followed is entirely different. No longer is the whisky subject to an age statement. 

The single malt and single grain are matured separately in Red Oak Bourbon casks. Once they reach maturity, the scotch is blended by a master blender who holds the secret running in his family heirloom since time immemorial. The time frame for maturation varies from spirit depending upon various factors like barley used, the concentration and more importantly the wood used in making of the casks. 

Also, there is a limit of how many times the same cask will be used for maturation. The wood in the casks start losing their characteristics and hence their contribution to the liquid starts diminishing after certain rounds of maturation. Usually this is after 5-6 rounds. Each round can range from 6-10 years approximately. So, as you now understand, the hard work that goes in background to bring the best of Scotch to your table and you enjoying a round of your favorite Black Dog with your friends at the table.

Disclaimer: This content is meant only for people above the age of 25


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