Cheese pairing with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

Cheese pairing with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

As with wine and cheese, scotch and cheese can be a match made in heaven. The possibilities are endless yet there are some classic pairings that are harmonious and won’t take a trip to a speciality deli to achieve. The creamy, nuttiness of gruyere, pairs perfectly with the subtle sweetness and creamy textures of some highland single malts. As a contrast, the bold flavours of a blue cheese such as stilton, marry perfectly with the peaty, rich flavours of some Islay single malts. Why not try experimenting with your favourite cheeses; I’m sure there’s Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve out there that would be a perfect match. 

You don’t have to go crazy and get exotic cheeses, many affordable samples are quite tasty and found in your local grocery store.  Sharp cheddar and swiss is good, but to match with a particularly bold scotch try blue cheese or gruyere.  Other popular selects include gouda, parmesan, and regular cheddar.  An extra note about blue cheese is that it typically carries an earthy flavor that pairs wonderfully with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve.

The aromas and flavours of whisky can be as varied as cheeses in the UK. Generally speaking, I would recommend pairing peaty, spicy whiskies with smoky, meaty-textured cheeses. Smoked cheddars, aged sheep cheese and aged Goudas all create a big, bold whisky-cheese pairing experience.
Balanced blends and less smoky highland, Speyside and lowland whiskies tend to pair well with rich and nutty cheeses. Think Stiltons, aged Gruyere and Comté.

A very strong blue cheese could hide the delicate offerings of the scotch. However, if you add unsalted butter to your bread, that will round its edges up and all its complex flavors appear in full rights, yet overall in a less pungent manner, allowing the whisky to shine too.

Prepare your palate by keeping a tiny amount of scotch in your mouth, to coat the palate and prepare your taste buds to the alcohol’s strength. Next, have a small piece of cheese, followed by a bit of scotch. Follow this first part of the ritual with water — absolutely not cold, it should be at room temperature — after which you are ready for the communion. Indulge in a large piece of cheese, quickly followed by a significant amount of scotch. The whisky should then reveal the cheese and harmony takes place.

Scotch, can overwhelm the palate very quickly, therefore a maximum of six pairings is suggested, regardless of whether everything makes it down the throat or not. The taste buds are shot after that, even with small quantities of each, and in spite of the gallons of water you could be drinking. 


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