Chocolate pairing with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

Chocolate pairing with
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

You love scotch. You love chocolate. So does everyone.

Chocolate and scotch is two different supremo in their own league. When these two is paired together, it is understandable the magic they create. But if unfortunately you haven’t tried pairing chocolate with scotch, you have been missing something really amazing, now is the time to pair the different type of chocolates with the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve and engulf in a world which is notoriously chocolaty.

The whisky and chocolate pairing works nicely because of the digestive qualities of scotch. It’s ideally consumed after a meal and aids in digestion. A small portion of fine chocolate paired with the scotch heightens this experience. In a perfect pairing, both the scotch and chocolate should be considered better together rather than enjoyed individually. Bittersweet chocolate can have bitter, roasted, fruity, earthy, woodsy, ashy and/or nutty notes. The cocoa butter in the chocolate decreases the astringency and dryness of the red wine tannins and the higher cacao content enables bittersweet chocolate to pair well. My preference, however, remains whisky.

Determining the whisky and chocolate pairings is more art than science, but by tasting them together and being able to discern the distinctive flavours and aromas; it is difficult to come up with various suggestions. Understanding the regional characteristics of both the scotch and the chocolate is also important. For example, whisky from the Islay region is more smoky and peaty based on the water used and the pleating levels of the barley.

At the end of a meal, bring a bottle of scotch or two out with a selection of chocolates (Juniper’s carry individually wrapped chocolate squares produced by Amedei in Tuscany). Take a small sip of the scotch and swirl it around the inside of your mouth and swallow. Try a piece of chocolate while you still have the taste of the whisky in your mouth and see what happens. Ideally, you’ll taste an enjoyable combination of the scotch and chocolate that will leave you wanting a little bit more of each.

Adding a drop or two of spring water to scotch enhances the distinctive aroma and flavour of a whisky. Some people prefer scotches with smoky and peaty notes while others prefer scotches with more citrus and honeyed notes. The same will apply to the chocolates.

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