Dessert pairing with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

Dessert pairing with 
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

As the saying goes, any meal is not considered complete if it does not end with dessert. I am not sure but I think this culture is followed across the world knowingly or unknowingly. Sweetness completes the meal. Dessert preference defers from person to person, some would like cakes, pastries or puddings, and some would prefer chocolates. But when it comes to pairing dessert with scotch, most of the people feel that chocolate is the only dessert that can be paired with scotch. Well, they are not completely wrong but there are few other desserts which are bliss when paired with scotch or to be more precise Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve.

    A)  For smokier whiskies:

Dark Chocolate
The bitter flavors of dark chocolate bring out the sweetness of a smokier whiskey, and enhance the flavor. In turn, the smoky whiskey adds robust flavoring and the punch of alcohol to the chocolate. Try both a grittier chocolate like Mast Brothers and a smoother chocolate like Green & Black’s.


Even Better: dark chocolate covered espresso beans
The smoothness of the chocolate, the grittiness of the bean, the aroma of the whiskey. This is a magical combination. You can find them at Trader Joe’s and Ghirardelli also has one.

Pecan Maple Pie
Pie is great, and when pairing with an earthy scotch, we look to a pie with sweet, earthy flavors. The pecans give the nutty body, and the maple gives 
natural sweetness.

     B)  For fruitier whiskies:

Sliced Fresh Pears
Pears are the slightly tangy cousin of the more common apple, and that fruity tang makes all the difference with the strong flavors of a whiskey. Take care to choose a ripe and crisp pear, slice, and enjoy!

Cheese Plate
A good cheese plate is delectable and satisfying–like ice cream for adults. Your cheese plate should have at least three cheeses, and full-flavored cheeses will make a better pair with a whiskey. Here are some suggestions: Choose different cheeses that are within the same family, be it blue cheeses, gouda, or cheddar. Or, choose one cheese of cows milk, one of sheep’s milk, and one of goat’s milk. Also think about textures, and you could choose one soft cheese, one hard cheese, and one in the middle. Your local deli manager will be able to help.

    C)   Single Malt scotch with pumpkin pie

    D)  10 YO scotch with orange flavoured chocolate

    E)   18 YO scotch processed in Sherry cask with a dark chocolate souffl√©

    F)   With apple pie


Disclaimer: This content is meant only for people above the age of 25


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