Food pairing with Black Dog TGR

Food pairing with the liquid gold – Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

I have seen people fighting over the right pairing of food with scotch. Sometimes it feels like a fight to find the right groom for the bride. It’s nothing less than finding a match made in Heaven. But as we say, you just have to look around and you will find the right pair. I believe the same is with pairing the right food with scotch. Scotch is an amazing drink which allows you to pair with variety of cuisine; you just need to find the right combination. 

For most of us, the idea of pairing food with scotch is considered when planning for any dinner party or special occasion. There are thousands of resources that can aid our choices and help us pick that perfect food for the scotch. In most people’s eyes, scotch is something that you enjoy after a meal or at a bar with friends. Although this is great, the options for pairing scotch with food are endless and can be just as enjoyable as that perfect wine and food pairing.

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve gives a distinctive flavour and a delicate finish. The nose and taste is on the stronger side which leaves a lingering sensation in the mouth. Before I go on to talk about some possible food pairings with Black Dog TGR, I believe we should go over a flavour component that may be unfamiliar to some of you, and that is ‘peat’. Peat is a type of vegetal matter that grows in bogs in Scotland and, in some cases, is used as fuel to dry the barley used to make scotch. If used in large amounts, it can impart a smoky, earthy flavour to the finished scotch that pairs perfectly with certain foods. 

Tapas and TGR:
With sherry being a classic pairing for tapas, it is no surprise that Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve aged in sherry casks, is a perfect marriage for this range of Spanish appetizers. Coming in all shapes and styles, it would be hard to find a match for every tapas recipe out there, yet there are some classic pairings that work perfectly. For example, the smoky, strong flavours of chorizo sausage, pair perfectly with fragrant smoky single malt. For a softer pairing, try the more subtle flavours of prosciutto or Serrano ham with a gentler, sweeter style single malt or blended scotch.

Seafood and TGR:
With hundreds of distilleries being located by the sea in Scotland, it isn’t surprising that there are some amazing pairings for seafood. For instance, the fragrant smokiness and touch of saltiness in some single malts, is perfect with the delicious and unique flavour of a fresh oyster. Why not even try replacing the touch of Tabasco or lemon juice, with a dash of scotch instead! Although it may sound crazy, sushi can also pair extremely well with some scotches. As for sushi prepared with salmon or avocado, Black Dog's Triple Gold Reserve work perfectly.

Cheese and TGR:
As with wine and cheese, scotch and cheese can be a match made in heaven. The possibilities are endless yet there are some classic pairings that are harmonious and won’t take a trip to a specialty deli to achieve. The creamy, nuttiness of gruyere, pairs perfectly with the subtle sweetness and creamy textures of some highland single malts. As a contrast, the bold flavors of a blue cheese such as stilton, marry perfectly with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. 

Sweets and TGR:
Why not try some milk chocolate with fruit and nuts with well balanced Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The nutty sweetness found in many of these single malts pairs perfectly with the familiar flavour found in the chocolate. Why not even try some salt water taffy with bold Islay malt. You may find that the sweetness in the taffy mellows some of characteristic medicinal flavours. 

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