Relax and unwind with music and Black Dog TGR

Relax and unwind with music and Black Dog TGR

Music and Scotch! What can be anything better than this combo to relax and unwind with! Just imagine, a glass filled with your favourite Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve and your much-loved music playlist on a beautiful night. 
Many drinks come with an atmosphere-beer with a football game, martini in an upscale bar, and champagne at a celebration- but nothing compares to scotch: whiskey is a relaxing drink, one for quiet contemplation. Whether done at home or in a bar doesn't matter, the atmosphere you are looking for is all inside of your mind. Music is the most important part of that experience, but it has to be the right music. 

Here is a list of the five best songs to drink Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve by:

5. So What, Miles Davis.
The opening song to Kind of Blue, this song's subtle introduction expands into one of Davis's best solos ever. It is perfect beginning to the best jazz recording of all time.

4. Here Comes a Regular, The Replacements.
Wasted day, wasted summer, wasted fall, wasted life. This slow ballad comes from a man sitting in his hometown bar thinking about all of the people who have moved on to better lives. He has grown tired of his only company and finally turns his back on them and walks out alone.

3. Fairytale of New York, The Pogues
This is the most unlikely of Christmas Songs. It begins as a morose prison ballad sung by Shane MacGowan. Halfway through, it transforms into an operatic breakup with Kristy MacColland set to the band's characteristic punk rock/ Irish traditional instrumentals.

2. Hallelujah, John Cale
This song, written by Leonard Cohen, contains beautiful lyrics that are perfect for the deep melodic voice of Cale. Accompanied by only a piano, the version on Fragments of a Rainy Season is the best. You can feel yourself right inside of that small audience.

1. Tom Traubert's Blues, Tom Waits
Tom Waits is perfect for this list: the persona, the lyrics, and, most of all, the voice. It sounds like the exact definition of "whiskey and cigarettes." He could have easily claimed positions 1-5. As a matter of fact, a better list might have been the best whiskey to drink while listening to Tom Waits (Laphroaig in case anyone is wondering.) Like so many other Waits songs, this comes from the perspective of a down-on-his-luck drunk wandering through bars and back alleys, but the most eloquent drunk ever to take a "battered old suitcase to a hotel someplace."

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