Unwinding with TGR good on weekdays, better on weekends

Black Dog’s Triple Gold Reserve
Good on weekdays, better on weekends
Who better than working people would understand the pain of weekdays and the bliss of weekends? But a smart person definitely knows how to turn a boring and tiring working day to a fulfilled evening. We certainly don’t need a reason to uncork a bottle of Black Dog but when things are tight and you need to add life to weekdays, have triple the fun with Black Dog’s triple Gold Reserve.

Weekend is the most exciting word in a professional’s life. Your mood, your body language expresses the joy within. You relax, you party, you spend time with your loved ones, you drink and drink hard. Drinking TGR on weekends is altogether a blissful experience. If it tastes good on weekdays, it tastes better on weekends.

I personally feel that you enjoy a drink when you are relaxed and you are into yourself. The triple maturation process of TGR makes it unique and superior in every sense. What can be better than a soothing Saturday evening at a poolside, with a glass of TGR in your hand and have a mouthful of TGR and role your tongue to enjoy the taste and the strong aroma which takes you to another world.

It’s more fun when you have your friends invited at your place. In a lighter environment with silly jokes and laughter, TGR sets in perfectly. It sets the mood right and makes you enjoy the atmosphere. When there are friends and Black Dog together, we always make best of the memories.


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