Grooving with the White Mischief girls

Grooving with the White Mischief girls

India is a country where Cricket is considered as a religion. The true cricket fans have always worshiped their favorite cricketers like God. But a lot has changed today compared to the old school cricket. The change is strong, the change is positive, the change is exciting, the change is entertainment, the change is Indian Premiere League (IPL). 

In 2008, IPL changed the definition of so called ‘cricket’. And since then, seven years down the line IPL has become the most awaited calendar event. Mixing entertainment with cricket was a very positive change which made the T20 even better and exciting. Quick moves, acrobatic dance and enlightening smiles and the entertainment factor, yes we are talking about the Cheerleaders.

A player practices very hard to perform well in the match but is it easy for the cheerleaders to perform every time a boundary is hit or a wicket falls? The cheerleaders’ work equally hard to perform their best, doesn’t matter if it is a blazing afternoon. It was a Tuesday (13th May 2014) and it wasn’t a usual day. I had once in a life time opportunity to Meet N Greet with the White Mischief girls. 

I was floored with their down to earth personalities and warmness. These White Mischief cheerleaders all the way from South Africa are smart, sensible, and warm, have huge heart and adore India just like we do. Just before they were gearing up for the 38th match of IPL 7 to be played between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Delhi Daredevils (DD), we had a chance to engage with the cheerleaders and have a friendly banter.

On inquiring about what it takes to perform to perfection, practice, practice and practice was the answer from the girls with a killer smile which could floor anyone. I have always been curious of how much time does it take to look like angels and this was my next question for the beautiful White Mischief girls. The girls honestly replied saying, it takes nothing less than two hours to curl and style their hair and perfect their makeup. 

The White Mischief Gals are specially chosen cheerleaders from South Africa. The cheerleaders promise to leave cricket fans spellbound with their on- and off-field antics. Besides being present at the matches themselves, the Gals will be touring the country to host unforgettable White Mischief Parties in select cities. The White Mischief Gals are trained in unique acrobatic skills and rather mischievous choreographed moves that set them apart from other cheer leading squads. 

Just before leaving for the match, the best thing happened. I did the famous ‘White Mischief Jig’ with the all the White Mischief girls and this one thing I will cherish my entire life.


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