Special Anniversary Menu at SANCTUM CLUB - Bengaluru’s Chic Tapas Bar

Special Anniversary Menu at
SANCTUM CLUB - Bengaluru’s Chic Tapas Bar

Everyone might have their own wish list and I have my own (it was secret until now). Visiting Sanctum Club, Bengaluru’s Chic Tapas Bar at The Chancery Pavilion has been on my wish list for some time now. And what better an occasion than anniversary of Sanctum Club. I was invited by Sanctum to be a part of their celebration and try out the special carved Spanish delicacies as part of the anniversary menu. To say the least, I was excited to try this place.

Completing 9 hours at office, beating the Bengaluru traffic and here I was at the Sanctum Club. The first step in and there was a wicked smile on my face. An enthralling music, amazing soundtrack – what a brilliant way to kick start the evening.

I am very particular about ambience when I visit any restaurant or club. Now about my wicked smile mentioned above, Sanctum hits the bull’s eye for the ambience. The moment I stepped in, I was spellbound by the décor. It’s a sassy, chic nightclub, a professional Tapas Bar with music that echoes sexy, tech – underground. Pioneer’s in the evolution of Deep House sounds in the city of Bengaluru, Sanctum is a destination for International music quality and design. The feel of a chic night club oozes out of the ambience and the music. The central Island bar has long backlit Onyx counters that divide this huge space into diverse zones. A floor-to-ceiling glass-walled cabinet displays rare wines and spirits. Not to forget the very elegant restrooms.

The general menu at Sanctum is a product of carefully created flavourful works of art. Choose from a wide selection of Spanish, Mediterranean and Indian dishes and finish your meal on a sweet note of sinfully delicious desserts. With periodic new additions to the menu, the kitchen is constantly innovating at Sanctum. The bar boasts a variety of imported liqueurs with an exclusive selection of single malts, select wines and signature Sanctum cocktails.
Now let’s get started with the food.

We were all enjoying the hospitality and the electrifying music with a glass of white wine relaxing on a couch. To start with, we were handed over the special anniversary menu. It was a four course meal at Rs.1400 inclusive of all taxes. With all ears to the Chef Joaquin Albarreal Arjona, he introduced the menu to all the bloggers present for the evening.

                                                 Chef Joaquin Albarreal Arjona

                                           Sanctum Club Special Anniversary Menu

To begin, we had two options to choose from, Broccoli and Almonds Expresso or Solmorejo Foam. And for the first time, I picked up veg over non-veg. Yes, I chose Broccolli and Almonds Expresso. It is always good to experiment and get the taste of vegetarian delicacies. It was served in a cup along with Broccoli cookies. The thick green broccoli soup definitely was an eye catcher and looked very tempting. This creamy soup, toasted with almonds and accompanied with Broccoli cookies was the perfect start I could have wishes for. It definitely raised the expectation level and Chef Joaquin didn’t shy away from saying that Broccoli and Almonds expresso is his mother’s recipe and he craves for it when he misses his home and food. So now we know the reason for this yumilicious soup, after all it is mom’s recipe.

                                                   Broccoli and Almonds Expresso

Next on the menu was starter. Again we had two options to choose from, Burger Bull or Grilled aburgine and Wild Rocket. This time it was an obvious choice to pick the veggie over the Burger Bull. After a great start, I hate to admit I was disappointed with Wild Rocket. It is usually very bitter and full marks to Chef for the effort to cut down on the bitterness of the rocket leaves but I really didn’t enjoy this one. But I did like the Grilled aburgine, it was juicy and cooked to perfection.

                                                                 Grilled aburgine and Wild Rocket

Getting over the Wild Rocket, we moved on to the main course. It is always a tough decision to make when you have three different delicacies on the menu. The three options were: Beer Infused Grilled Chicken or Grilled Salmon or Wild Mushroom risotto with truffle oil. Now you know why it was such a difficult decision. A hard core chicken lover, I chose Beer Infused Grilled Chicken.For me, it was a very interesting experiment with beer and chicken. The chicken was grilled to perfection and was served with mashed potato and steamed vegetables. I was expecting a stronger taste of beer but it was very minimal. I enquired the reason from the Chef and he told educated me saying ‘The taste of beer depends on the time taken for marinating the chicken. Here, chicken was marinated in beer for 6-7 hours. Hence, the beer taste was on the lower side. To get a stronger taste of beer, it has to be marinated for almost 24 hours but few people may not like it’.

                                                                     Beer Infused Grilled Chicken

Having a word with the Chef definitely cleared my doubt. After Chicken, if I love anything it is Sea food. And I couldn’t help myself but taste. And the next moment I requested Chef to make an exception and get me another plate of Grilled Salmon. It was served along with green salad and topped with basil cream sauce. I would have felt sorry for myself if I hadn’t tasted the Grilled Salmon. The basil cream sauce made the taste even more heavenly.

                                                                               Grilled Salmon

The veggies were all praise for the Wild Mushroom risotto with truffle oil. The temptation was over-powering and I tasted a spoon of this lip-smacking risotto, followed by another spoon and then again. I have to admit here, being a non-vegetarian I don’t usually like encroaching the vegetarian food but today at Sanctum it was an exception. The Wild Mushroom Risotto was absolutely brilliant to say the least.

                                                                  Wild Mushroom risotto with truffle oil

And as I always say, no meal can be complete without a spoonful of heavenly desserts. The dessert for the Sanctum Club anniversary menu was named Sunny Side Up. Interesting name, isn’t it? Sunny Side Up is a White Chocolate Mouse, Liquid Mango Sphere, Apple Fries and Strawberry Ketchup. Chef Joaquin surprised by saying to have the entire mango sphere in one go letting it burst in the mouth. Following Chef’s advice, we did the same and as the mango sphere bursts in the mouth, you will find yourself in all together a different world. Take a bow Chef Joaquin for the innovation and flavors infused to present one of the best desserts I have had in a long long time.

                                                                              Sunny Side Up

We spoke to Chef Joaquin about his experience behind crafting the special anniversary menu. Hear him speak with a hint of shyness and loads of enthusiasm.

And to conclude, a big thank you to the team of Burrp! for inviting me over to the Sanctum Club to try their special anniversary menu.


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