The Taste of Legacy and Pride - ‘Baba Elaichi’

The Taste of Legacy and Pride

I am a big time foodie and always keep a mouth freshener or a mint in the pocket to have a long lasting freshness after every meal. Have been trying various brands but honestly speaking have never stuck to one for various reasons.

Few days back, I received a sample from Baba Elaichi for review. The moment I opened the packet, I could nose the strong aroma which was really engrossing. First look of the ‘Click – Clack’ box and I was certainly impressed with the packaging.

And trust me when I say, the moment I opened the box of Baba Elaichi at office, my colleagues came running towards me asking of the strong aroma they could whiff. The temptation was such that I could not hold it any longer to taste the stunning silver coated Elaichi seeds. I did share with my colleagues, as if I hadn't they would have literally smashed me.

It was just after the lunch and a perfect time to taste and get the real feel of it. I took 5-6 elaichi seeds and saffron from the box and boy o boy, I was ecstatic to say the least. The aroma of elaichi so pleasing, the taste so refined, the quality so pure and the flavor that was to last long. What adds to the beauty and taste of the silver coated elaichi is the presence of saffron that leaves a lingering savour in your mouth.

I could see the joy on my colleagues face while savouring Baba Elaichi. What they had to say about the product? Well, why not hear from them.

Avishek Rakshit opines “It’s a nostalgic feeling having Baba Elaichi again after a long time. I am really impressed with the effort they have put in packaging this ‘Click – Clack’ box. Needless to say, the taste and the aroma will leave you wanting for more”.

                                                        Avishek Rakshit

Dhanya Nambiar says “The taste is absolutely refreshing and aroma is just mesmerizing. I feel that quantity in the box is less but it is strong enough to compensate”.

                                                         Dhanya Nambiar

Preeti Raj opines “Wow! This is fantastic. This is the best mouth freshener I have used till date. I would definitely keep this cute click – clack box of Baba Elaichi always with me”.

                                                            Preeti Raj

Chidananda Basavaraju opines “The taste of Baba Elaichi is very strong. The aroma of elaichi seeds and saffron is captivating. The packaging is pretty good though I found difficult to open the first time. The quality of the elaichi seeds is outstanding”.

                                                       Chidananda Basavaraju

Ambar Dongre opines “The taste of silver coated cardamom enriched with the flavour of mint added with saffron leaves has given a new dimension to the mouth fresheners. The kind of quality in taste and aroma it has is worth refreshing your mouth, be it after the meal or anytime you happen to taste it. The quantity is good enough to what actually the mouth fresheners should have it”.

                                                           Ambar Dongre

Noor Fathima says, “This is amazingly good. The aroma is strong enough to capture your mood and indulge in it. The aroma that hits nose is as good as listening to a soulful music. Needless to say, taste is outstanding”.

                                                           Noor Fathima

I must say that if you are a 90’s kid, you would definitely know of one name that has a resolute customer base across the world for its refined taste, pleasing aroma and lasting flavour – ‘Baba Elaichi’. I truly believe that it is the taste of legacy and pride.


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