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Grab Eat
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At times people have cravings for different foods instantaneously and they go hopping around to the streets to hunt what they desire for. It happens to me very often, I tend to crave for too many things at the same time. A week back, I was hanging around with my friends at Koramangala when we came across a newly opened small but attractive and colourful café cum restaurant ‘Grab Eat’.

It was a Friday evening and ohh yes we were hungry. As soon as we entered, we were greeted by Mr. Amitava Nandi, Director – Operations, Grab Eat. Surprisingly, the menu had it all, from wraps to momos, soups to salads and shakes, meal combos to Biriyani and Coffee/tea to desserts, a perfect solution for my cravings for too many things at the same time.

Mr. Amitava Nandi, Director – Operations, Grab Eat

After looking at the menu, one would argue of not having too many items but honestly speaking I prefer not being confused by many items on the menu with more or less same taste with different name.

Mr. Amitava explained us the concept behind Grab Eat. He opines “The concept of Grab Eat is very different from others. It is a café cum restaurant cum fast food joint with a take away, home delivery and dine in facilities. There is something favourite for everyone on the menu”.

The interiors are nicely done with interesting quirky posters which say ‘We’re big eaters’, ‘Humor keeps us alive. Humor and food. Don’t forget food. You can go a week without laughing’, ‘I am not a Glutton, I am an explorer of food’ and few more. This place offers free Wi-Fi (for 30 minutes) with power socket at every table, making a perfect place for the working people. One thing very unique about serving the food, it is handed over in the ready-to-take-home boxes.

Mr. Amitava further says “We are planning to open few more Grab Eat stores across happening places in Bangalore and we are also on the verge of finalizing on-campus stores in few IT companies”.

Grab Eat Team

Having said lot about the place, let’s talk business (food).

We started with Parantha rolls, Paneer Tikka for veggies and Chicken Tikka for others. There is one advantage being a non – vegetarian, we can eat and experience the vegetarian food. Paneer Tikka roll was neatly wrapped with chunks of paneer and vegetables giving a perfect start for the evening. However, I was disappointed with Chicken Tikka roll. It was very dry which is big NO for me. Taste wise, I felt there was something missing which made it an average chicken tikka roll available anywhere and everywhere.

Chicken Tikka Roll

Next on the table was Pita Wraps – Grilled Vegetables and Grilled Chicken. I would prefer both the wraps over the parantha rolls. The wraps were very soft, cheesy, holding the taste and essence of chicken and vegetables. I would highly recommend this to people visiting Grab Eat.

Grilled Chicken Roll

Next on the menu was something which never fades from the mind of food lovers – Pav Bhaji. The moment we opened the box, we could nose the mouth-watering aroma of the bhaji. To say the least, it was properly cooked, not experimenting too much, very simple yet very effective.

Pav Bhaji

Coming from Siliguri (a small town in West Bengal), with its proximity to Darjeeling and Gangtok, I am very fond of eating scrumptious momos. And yes, next on the menu was steamed vegetable and chicken momos. Three years in Bangalore and I am still hunting for the momos like my home town. Some are good; some are better but yet to find the perfect substitute. Here at Grab Eat, momos are really good in terms of taste but it is very greasy which makes it impossible to eat more than few pieces. Also, dip or chutney as we say makes momo tastier. It is just initial days and I am sure Grab Eat will get the combination of momos very soon.

Steamed Momos

Next up was Greek Salad (for veggies) and Grilled Chicken Salad. The Greek salad was brilliant to say the least but again I was not very impressed with the grilled chicken salad. It was very dry, may be presence of cheese would do wonders to it.

Grilled Chicken Salad

Meals were next on the menu. The veggies opted for Kadhai Paneer and the rest opted for Bhuna Chicken Masala, Masala Omlette Curry and Butter Chicken. It is served with the choice of two lachcha paranthas or a bowl of steamed rice. The quantity is perfect for one. All the meals are definitely the highlight of the menu. The meals are very high on taste, cooked to perfection with apt use of spices. A special mention to Masala Omelette Curry which was the favourite among all of us. It reminded me of my home food. My mom used to make this at home.

Kadhai Paneer

Bhuna Chicken Masala

Masala Omlette Curry 

Butter Chicken

Next up on the table was Subz Tehri Biriyani and Murgh Biriyani. Doesn’t matter if you are full, there is always small place for Biriyani. This is another highlight of the menu. The Murgh Biriyani scores for its aroma and the boneless chicken chunks.

Subz Tehri Biriyani

Murgh Biriyani

Throughout the food, we kept on sipping some outstanding coolers like Mango Tango, Mocha Motion, Sunset cooler and Lime N Lemony cooler. All the coolers are very different from each other and stands out tall to quench your thirst and relish your senses. It perfectly accompanies the food listed on the menu.

Sunset cooler 

Mocha Motion

Strawberry Pation

Mango Tango

Lime N Lemony cooler

And as I always say, no food can be complete without desserts. We chose Hot Chocolate Fudge to conclude the proceedings of brilliantly spend evening. We were definitely high on food.

Hot Chocolate Fudge

When you have wonderful friends for company along with awesome food, the evening will always be a beautiful one.

Janvi, Suman, Prateek, Nita, Deepak
(From L to R)

Janvi, Suman, Prateek, Nita, Deepak
(From L to R)

Vinay, Prateek, Deepak, Amitava, Suman
(From L to R)

Verdict: 3.5/5

Recommended: Grilled Chicken Pita wrap, Masala Omlette Curry, Bhuna Chicken Masala, Murgh Biriyani and Sunset cooler.

Address: 476, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, (Near JyotiNiwas college), Bangalore.

Wi-Fi: Yes

Home Delivery: Yes


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