Food Review: International Pizza & Beer Carnival at California Pizza Kitchen

Around the World with California Pizza Kitchen
International Pizza & Beer Carnival

California Pizza Kitchen is one name that is known for its creativity and out of the box varieties. It never fails to amaze its patrons with its experimental and exquisite pizzas. They always believe in serving the best and something new every time to its customers. This time, the occasion was International Pizza & Beer Carnival and I was invited to be part of the tasting session few days back.
What’s special about this occasion? Well as the name suggests, an exclusive menu has been curated by CPK for the ongoing International Pizza & Beer Carnival with 9 Pizza’s from different countries and 6 beers representing a country.

A kick-start evening knocking on the doors, I started with a Mango Mist Estacy which contained some mango juice, mint leaves, lemon topped with soda. It was simple yet refreshing drink, a perfect start to the evening.

Mango Mist Estacy

The first pizza marching on the table was Southwest Burrito Pizza from Mexico. Well, do I blame myself for falling in love with CPK’s food again and again and again. This regular crust pizza with spicy black bean sauce, grilled onions, cottage cheese, fire roasted chillis, mozzarella and cheddar cheese served with sour cream was treat to the taste buds as much to the eyes. It is not very often I start off with a veg pizza but honestly speaking it was impressive to say the least.

Southwest Burrito Pizza from Mexico

The next pizza screaming aloud for the attention was Cheeseburger Pizza from USA. This regular crust pizza was sensuously dressed using Chunky chicken burger with carmelized onions and crushed black pepper along with CPK’s homemade secret sauce, sliced gherkins, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. This pizza was outstandingly good, with Chef deserving applaud for the presentation.

Cheeseburger Pizza from USA

Next making the jump on the table was Bejing Style Veg Pizza from China. This was served which contained soya and garlic flavored button mushrooms, baby corn, bell peppers and shiitake cooked over a fiery schezwan sauce with mozzarella and cheddar cheese on a regular crust and garnished with scallions (green onions). The taste of scallions was evenly spread over the entire pizza. Lately, I have been eating too much of mushrooms and this pizza does not disappoints me. Veggies who enjoy scallions and mushroom should definitely try this.

Bejing Style Veg Pizza from China

And the next on the table making a grand entry was the most awaited pizza of the evening, Fish and Chips Pizza for the United Kingdom. This was love at first sight for me. Take a bow Chef Kuldeep for the brilliant presentation and make it look so eye pleasing. This thin crispy crust pizza was loaded with CPK tartare sauce, mozzarella, onion rings, fried fish and sprinkles of some capers with crispy spiced fried served resting atop on the crust and served with lime cream sauce. This pizza is not be missed at any cost.

Fish and Chips Pizza for the United Kingdom

Say Namaste to the next pizza on the table from India, Kasundi Paneer Pizza. Will I stop being surprised and over excited every 15 minutes? Chef Kuldeep has left no stone unturned to make this carnival one of its kinds. What a brilliant concept to represent India. This pizza, a trio of cottage cheese, roasted pepper and tomato marinated in Indian spiced mustard sauce (Kasundi) topped with mozzarella and garnished with coriander on a thin crust. I bet, no one can eat just one slice of this pizza. You are bound to ask for more. This is the best pizza I have had till date and surprisingly its veg.

Kasundi Paneer Pizza

Marching on, next on the table was Capriciossa Pizza from Italy. A thin crust smothered with Italian pomodoro and mozzarella cheese topped with artichoke hearts, kalamata olives and fresh sliced mushroom cooked with fresh mozzarella, grated parmesan and garnished with hand torn basil which left a strong taste on the entire pizza. I could not enjoy much of this. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t suit my taste buds.

Capriciossa Pizza from Italy

Sauerbraten Pizza from Germany was served next. This pizza contained traditional sauerkraut (sour cabbage), shredded chicken, sliced onion, mozzarella cheese on a regular crust baked to a crisp golden crust and topped with German potato salad. The taste was very sour due to sauerkraut and the potato salad dominated the taste of the entire pizza and did not impress me much.

Sauerbraten Pizza from Germany

A bit late of an entry by Brussels Pizza from Belgium. This pizza had, Pesto marinara, saute spinach, sliced mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan cheese on a thin bubbly crust. This is yet another masterpiece from Chef Kuldeep. And let me say it again, the second best pizza of the evening and it is veg.

Brussels Pizza from Belgium

The last in the race making entry was Rookwurst Pizza from Holland. This traditional crust pizza was topped with marinara along with sliced onion, pork salami, smoky bratwurst sausage and hearty sprinkling of Dutch Gouda cheese and herbs. I will not comment on the taste aspect of this pizza as I do not eat Pork. But definitely it looked amazing and going by the taste graph of the evening, I am very sure this will be evenly appreciated by the people who enjoy pork.

Rookwurst Pizza from Holland

And it doesn’t matter if there is any dessert on this special menu or not, when I visit CPK, Tiramisu is must have for me.


The menu has been crafted to suit meat cravers and veggie lovers alike! The special pizzas capture the culinary spirit of the countries it represents. Its flavours are infused over the succulent base, making these recipes really unique leaving one wanting for more with every bite. CPK’s kitchen experts source the freshest of ingredients to ensure that one trip to California Pizza Kitchen will definitely not be enough.

This International Pizza and Beer carnival is highly recommended. Do not miss out to savour the flavours from around the world. The carnival ends on October 19, 2014.

Verdict: 4.5/5


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