Smirnoff Black Launch Party


Bangalore is becoming hotter……. at night! Ohh yes, Smirnoff makes sure that the hotness level of party nights in Bangalore is always sky high. Saturday, 11th October at Ritz Carlton was a night, buzzing with different breeds of fabulous youngsters. The occasion was huge; the official launch of Smirnoff Black, a slow filtered vodka and an international DJ performing on a drizzling Saturday evening is bound to produce some fireworks.

The theme of the party was TONIGHT’S BOLD TONIGHT’S BLACK and there were few of many happening youngsters who simply rocked the ‘BLACK’ look and make it to the list of top five Black & Bold.

     1.       Perfect ‘Black & Bold’ Couple – Don’t they look made for each other? Definitely yes. A very simple style statement, without an overdo makes them top the chart of Smirnoff Black & Bold.

     2.     No care attitude – Look at this gentleman. Isn’t he cool? Let everyone be busy chatting and taking selfies, I am gonna do what the dance floor is meant to be. A perfect attitude, a perfect dance making to the second on the list of Black and Bold.

     3.      Supressed Smiles – Who says you need to smile out wide showing your teeth to look good. Sometimes ‘supressed smile’ do wonders, just how you see this amazing couple in the below image.

 4.     Lacy Lady – Three words for this lacy beauty in black- bold, stunning and sexy. How well she carries of this off this dress and the smile completes the perfect picture complementing her partner in white.

 5.     The Ring Master – I say no party can be successful without a good DJ. He is the ring master who makes everyone dance on his tunes. This black jacket makes a perfect concluding look on the Smirnoff Black & Bold list.

So, walked through and made a bold statement at the Smirnoff Black launch party, making it a grand success. 

Look out for more Bangalore night life updates. Till then, keep smiling, keep dancing and party responsibly.


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