Big Pitcher launches Bengaluru’s biggest craft brewery

Big Pitcher launches Bengaluru’s biggest craft brewery

Bengaluru has around 15 breweries and if we go by the trend the numbers are surely going to shoot up. Last week, another brewery was launched in Bengaluru and mind you it is not just any other brewery, it is Bengaluru’s biggest craft brewery. Oh yes you heard it right. Located at Old Airport Road, it is spread over across six floors and 27, 500 sq. ft. Big Pitcher is a full package of entertainment and all six floors boasts of a unique theme.

The ground and the first floors christened Club Kahuna is a brew-pub with dim interiors, pulsating music and slick décor.

The second floor is a multi-cuisine food destination with a retro-grade and tex-mex ambience called Split wood. It offers wide array of cuisine like Tandoor, Mexican, American, Italian & Pan-Asian Cuisine available all through the day.

The newly opened third floor, The Streets features tandoor/grill/barbecue experience.

The fourth level at Big Pitcher is STUDIO 4121 which can be hired for events, performances, shows & acts like stand up comedies, LIVE Bands, Fashion Events, Corporate Parties, Club Nights and much more.

And as you reach the very pinnacle, Big Pitcher saves its very best for the last. Star Lounge is a whiff of fresh air with its pristine white, uber-classy, and a long studio bar under the stars with 360 degree views from all over.

Big Pitcher has launched six signature brews, namely: Adjust Maadi, Czech that Pilsner, Hop witch, Kingslayer, Sarava and Endless darkness. 

The master brewer of Big Pitcher Luiz launched all the six variants of beer in the presence of enthusiastic beer lovers. He explained about the taste and the process of each beer and the crowd loved every bit of it.

Later, Luiz accompanied us to the brewery and showed us how the beers are processed and stored. The best part at Big Pitcher is anyone and everyone can request to have a look at the brewery.

After speaking to Luiz for around 30 minutes during the brewery tour, I have listed below six reasons why Big Pitcher is the biggest and best craft brewery in the city:
  1. Beers at Big Pitcher are how beers should be. Unfiltered, unpasteurised, with no chemical additives, 100% natural.
  2. Their beers take longer time to be produced. They don't rush production at the cost of quality. Yeast takes its time to do its magic, and they respect it.
  3. Their brewery is unique in mixing the philosophy of 5 schools of brewing: English, Belgian, German, American and Brazilian. They have a foot in the old world's classic brewing traditions, and another on innovation and modernity.
  4.  They make beer for the beer lover. Drinking for the sole purpose of getting wasted can be lots of fun sometimes, but tequila does a far better job in that.
  5. ‘We believe in transparency’ is taken very seriously at Big Pitcher. Everybody is welcome to come in the brewery, see their process and understand their recipes. Yes, you read it right: their recipes are open.
  6. They are part of the Craft Beer Revolution in India. They are here to end the domination of single-boring-flavoured beers. They are really BIG and they are here to stay.

After the launch of the beers, followed some eye-popping and awestruck performances from the crowd. Below are few images of the amazing dancers: 

So if you are around Old Airport Road anytime, DO NOT forget to visit this awesome place.


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