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Savouring the best of Thai

It was really long since I had my hands on Thai food. In the past, I have tried quite a few Thai restaurants in Bengaluru and most of them were good but none stood out to be extraordinary. Recently, I had a chance to visit the newly opened Thai restaurant ‘White Elephant’ located on the 100 ft. road, Indiranagar.

As you enter the restaurant, it gives a very positive vibe in terms of lighting, interiors, ample space between the tables and a huge white idol of Buddha. It definitely scores high on the ambiance. The only thing they could improve is putting an air-conditioning for the inside dining area. Not everyone wants fan and it gets very hot and stuffy when you sit for a longer time.

Coming to the food, White Elephant is a refreshing change from the spate of Thai restaurants in the city. It has lots to offer if you go by the menu. It will definitely leave you spoilt for choice. To begin, nothing could be better than a glass of white wine to calm your nerves and set your mood upright.

For starters, we were served Kai Hor Bai Taey (Chicken wrapped in Pandanus leaves), Pla Yang (Spicy skewered grilled fish), Khao Pod Tod Nam Prik Pow (crispy fried babycorn in rice tartlets), Manfrang Tod Samros (crispy fried potatoes tossed with tri-flavored sauce) and Choop Bong Thod (crispy fried vegetable).

The best among the starters were Pla Yang (Spicy skewered grilled fish). The fish was grilled to perfection with the ample amount of spice completing the taste. It really went well with the white wine. One thing that I found different from other Thai restaurants is the spice level in the starters being on a stronger side (P.S: I am not complaining). It definitely tasted great.

Crawling on to the main course, we were served Jasmine rice and noodles with Kaeng Keow Whan (traditional Thai green curry with prawns) and Kaeng Ped (Thai red curry with chicken). Both the curries were perfectly cooked with proper amount of spice. The rich taste of coconut milk had its dominance but well balanced with different flavours and herbs.

And as I always say, no meal can be completed without desserts. To cool down the spice, we were served deep fried banana, pumpkin custard with coconut ice cream and ice cream with seasonal flavor of Jackfruit.

Usually my post ends here but at White Elephant, they had something else to offer. Something unusual, surprising and never seen before magic tricks by Rakesh Syam, an international fame close up magician was the highlight of the evening.

To conclude I would say, a running bar, reasonable prices, great ambience and delicious food make White Elephant the perfect hotspot.

Verdict: 4/5

Image Credit: Indrani & Prateek


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