The thrill and excitement of accomplishing #TheRedDare Challenge

The thrill and excitement of accomplishing #TheRedDare Challenge

I still remember when I was 12, I had a bad toothache and my doctor had advised me to brush thrice or at least twice a day for healthy tooth. Ahh! That sounds boring and old school, right? We eat something or the other round the clock so why brush just twice a day? I believe brushing is cool and you don’t need to be confined at home to brush your teeth, you can do it anywhere on the go. Ohh yes, anywhere and I mean it.

Have you imagined how cool it would be to brush your teeth at unusual places like restaurants, bus stand, park, escalator or shopping mall? I couldn’t hold my thrill and decide to take up #TheRedDare Challenge by Dabur Red toothpaste to brush the teeth at a bus stop.

Until today, just like everyone else I had brushed my teeth confined to four walls of my bathroom and for the first time #TheRedDare Challenge has allowed me to be bold and brush my teeth on a busy broad day light at bus stand. It was one brilliant experience and trust me when I say, it was really cool doing it. People all around were curiously looking at me brushing, some smiling and some puzzled.

Here is my video where you can watch me at the bus stop (Double Road, Shanthinagar) with Dabur Red toothpaste and toothbrush completing #TheRedDare challenge.

Yes I have successfully accomplished #TheRedDare Challenge and now I nominate my seven close friends to get out of the comfort zone and experience that brushing is cool by taking up #TheRedDare challenge and complete the dare at any unusual place just like I did. I nominate #JanviRajpopat, #AmbarDongre, #VinayKashyap, #JayshreeGupta, #RumanaNazarali, #DinimaDaryani and #PrateekThakker.

If you feel the kick to try #TheRedDare challenge, just send a Whatsapp message on this special number – 09910818814 with your complete address to get #TheRedBox package delivered and participate in the challenge.


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