A healthy child makes a happy home

A healthy child makes a happy home

We often complain about kids being very naughty, making noises, making you run behind them but when the same kid falls ill, the silence at home stings you like a bee. That moment you just want your kid to get back to his/her feet, get healthy again, start making that annoying noise, that moment you realise the importance of being healthy.

When a children falls sick, its effects are felt throughout the house and it sometimes feels like the house itself has fallen ill. One of the prime reasons of children falling sick frequently is lack of immunity in their body.  With presence of bacteria and viruses almost everywhere, decreases the immunity power and hence the chance of getting infections and diseases rises.

Speaking about my own personal experience, how can I forget the evening of 20th May 2005. It was a dreadful experience for me and my entire family. I was all excited for my birthday in just a weeks’ time, i.e. 26th May. I felt sick and started vomiting around 11 pm. After non-stop vomiting for 90 minutes, I had almost lost my senses lying in the arms of my mother. I could hear a very tame sound of my family panicking and my mom crying in fear because she could now she blood in my vomiting. It was around 12:30 am when my brother and dad took my on bike to hospital, all this while I was senseless (I was told the whole incident later).

After reaching to hospital, there was no doctor available and they weren’t ready admit me, giving a rise of anger to my brother who literally fought with hotel staff. After few minutes of commotion, a doctor was called and I was admitted to emergency ward. Around 9 in the morning, I opened my eyes and could see my mom in tears sitting beside me. The doctors told it was a case of food poisoning, low immunity being one of the reasons.

I had become very weak and could feel the pain of injections on the arms and the lower part of my body. I regained my energy slowly and was released from hospital on 23rd May. I was still weak and cried a lot as I wouldn't be able to celebrate my birthday the way I wanted. Yes, it was a small affair only handful of people was invited and to make it worst I wasn't allowed to eat any rich food for few more days. I consider this as one of the worst incidents in my life. My entire family was in a state of panic, effects were felt throughout the house and it did feel like the house itself has fallen ill.

At a time when germs like bacteria and viruses are everywhere, it becomes important to strengthen the immunity system to be able to cope with various infections and diseases. Chyawanprash, a time-tested, age-old formulation has a number of herbs like Amla, known to be one of the best antioxidants, Giloy (Guduchi), known to have immuno-modulatory properties, and has more than 40 other natural ingredients.

Dabur Chyawanprash has anti-oxidant properties and helps to strengthen your body's internal defence mechanism - the immune system - thereby protecting you from day to day infections such as cough, cold etc.

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