Food Review: Chili's Grill & Bar

Spice up your evening with Chili’s

Bengaluru has been thriving with new food joints lately. And Indiranagar has become one hot-shot food destination offering Italian to American, Chinese to Indian and what not. Chili’s Grill & Bar, a traditional American & Mexican restaurant is the latest entrant in the area, giving foodies more option to drool upon.

couldn't keep myself from visiting this place after hearing about it so much. In a very short time, Chili’s has been able to strike the right cord. And why not, the interiors are beautifully done, has a smart balance of items on the menu and their signature drinks makes them different from others. The only problem I felt with this place was the chairs, it is uncomfortable.

Talking about their service, it is top notch. The waiters are always ear to you, quick to respond and get things moving fast. Speaking about their drinks and food, I begin with Minty Melon and Strawberry Margarita. I personally believe, sometimes keeping it basic works wonder. Both the mock tails were very simple but very authoritative on their presentation and taste.

Next, I ordered Triple Dripper, where you can combine your three favourite appetizers from the choice of eight and it is served with dipping sauces. My fav three were: Chicken Crispers, texas Cheese Poppers and Boneless Chicken Wings. All three were cooked to perfection, very pleasing to eyes and the taste buds at the same time.

I am a big fan of soups, especially cream of mushroom and cream of chicken but honestly there is only handful of restaurants in the city that makes them extraordinary. Chili’s to some extent does justice to both the soups but it wasn’t the kind I really love.

Just like soups, I just love pastas and my joy seems no bound if it’s a pesto. Chili’s offers quite a variety of pasta on their menu and all of them were interesting. However, I chose Cilantro Pesto Pasta with Grilled Shrimps. This pasta is a blend of fresh green cilantro, nuts and olive oil enlivened in a cream base sprinkled with pico de gallo. To be brutally honest, I was stumped by the stunning presentation, it was hell of a temptation. Chef certainly deserves a pat on his back for this particular item. The grilled shrimps were shining with pride on a calm green pesto and the sprinkle of onion and tomato was like a smile on a baby’s face. Again being brutally honest, this is one of the best pesto pasta I have ever had. I can go on and on about its taste and its presentation. The pasta is so perfectly cooked, it is as soft as it can get, the cream melting in your mouth and a hint of lemony taste hits down your throat, making it blissful.

 Next on the table was Parmesan Crusted Chicken. It is a chicken crusted with parmesan & monterey jack cheese, topped with chilli butter & sprinkled with green onion, served with loaded mash and veggies. This was another beauty in terms of taste. The rich butter taste is a dominator but gels really well in your mouth when you chew the chicken. The only spoil sport here is the presentation, which is very boring. The quantity of mashed potatoes is more than it should be on the plate. My recommendation to chef would be, reduce the quantity of the mashed potatoes and more veggies to liven the presentation.

Lastly, I had ordered for Blackened Salmon making a request to chef to make it spicy. When it was bought on the table, yet again I was stumped. Boy oh Boy, did it look amazing. It was just amazing. Such presentation demands respect and foodies’ admiration. It was seared with peppercorn spice, served with cilantro rice, seasonal veggies and cilantro aioli. This was a perfect finish at Chili’s.

I would definitely recommend this place to the foodies.


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