Bon 6 is #NewBritanniaBourbon – The Original Bourbon

Bon 6 is #NewBritanniaBourbon – The Original Bourbon

The wait is finally over; the veil has been put down. Bon 6 #BonTheOriginal is none other than #NewBritanniaBourbon – The Original Bourbon. The past few days has been crazy, full of madness playing the mystery game of finding out, what actually is #BonTheOriginal and the maximum people guessed it to be a new mobile phone. 

My friends were after my life to drop the suspense and tell them everything about #BonTheOriginal but I had vowed to not reveal it until is officially unboxed by two extremely talented and gorgeous ladies - VJ Bani and Kriti Kharbanda. 

In my teaser blog, I had mentioned one of the feature of #BonTheOriginal aka #NewBritanniaBourbon as Auto Charge 24/7 and after tasting it today I can explain why it so. Every bite of #NewBritanniaBourbon is full of chocolate, full of energy and you are bound to remain powered up 24/7. The taste so good, you would want to have it again and again and again. 

The other brilliant enhanced features of #NewBritanniaBourbon are: Version Chocolaty 2.0 – thoda aur chocolaty inside… thoda aur chocolaty outside... the new Britannia Bourbon is a lot more chocolaty than ever before, Super Surround Sound – Thoda aur crunchier biscuit… now enjoy that extra crunch in every bite.

This evening I did the unboxing of #BonTheOriginal after VJ Bani and Kriti Kharbanda did it first. Watch me below unboxing the ‘mystery box’.


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