Quikr reforming the Indian Online Classified Market with its new ‘Quikr NXT’ feature

Quikr reforming the Indian Online Classified Market with its new ‘Quikr NXT’ feature

There is no hidden fact that online users are growing every day and online shopping has in recent years taken the upward trend in India. There is no doubt online shopping brings you plenty of advantages but the major concern being security and credibility.

India’s online classifieds market has gained momentum in last five years and is gunning to be the next big thing. This is not new to anyone, selling used items, purchasing them and vice versa has always been part of Indian culture but this was confined to geographical boundaries and word of mouth. If someone had to sell his/her mobile phone, he/she would ask friends, family and known persons to check if someone would like to buy it.

But the online classified market is more than just selling and buying the old stuff. There are no geographical boundaries, plenty of products to choose from, everything and anything available (from jobs to matrimonial, cars & bikes, real estate, etc.).

Today, there are many offering classified services to Indian audience, there is a stiff competition but there are few who continuously makes effort to serve better to its customers. One such Indian online classified service provider is Quikr, who has always strived to make the process of online selling and buying easier. Quikr has added another feature for its customers ‘Quikr NXT’. With this feature, buyers and sellers can immediately connect with each other through chat across Quikr's mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site. This feature will transform India's online classifieds market as it enables users to communicate with each other at their convenience and request more details about the product or service, without requiring a single phone call.

Now this is a very useful feature for any online buyer and seller. It doesn’t get any better than this. I can authoritatively say that buyers and sellers would prefer chat over a phone call; at least I would definitely do this. After exploring http://www.quikr.com/ I can share few important reasons why I would prefer chat over a phone call.

1. Keeping my number private:

This is one of the most important advantages of Quikr Nxt. With this feature it assures me complete number privacy. I can interact with any prospective buyers or sellers directly via Chat, without ever revealing my number. You can follow these three simple steps to keep your number private just like I did:
  • Click on post free Ad
  • In 'Your Contact Information' section, click on 'Maintain My Privacy.
  • Your number is now private, go ahead and Post the ad without any worries!

 2. Unlimited picture sharing without any hassle:
Earlier when I had to sell something, I needed to share the pictures over email and then wait for the buyers to respond or when I wanted to buy something I had to ask the seller for specific details of the item, pictures, etc. but with Quikr NXT, I can share unlimited pictures without any hassle, anytime from any place. All I need is an internet connection.

3. Convenience and keeping track of all chats:
With Quikr NXT, I can chat at my convenience with multiple prospects rather than talking to any buyer or seller. I must say, this really allows me to control the online buying and selling. Also, I don’t have to remember anything and everything the buyer or seller has to say. All my past chats will be available at a glance; keeping track has never been so easy.

It is a brilliant move by Quikr to launch its new feature Quikr NXT which enables the process of online selling and buying easier. It is step towards smart, simple and safe online transactions. You can visit http://www.quikr.com/ to understand the new feature by Quikr better. 

After exploring this feature, I have only I thing to say: ‘NO FIKAR. CHAT QUIKR.’


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