Restaurant Review: Tangerine

Rocking Experimental Cuisine at Tangerine

There are many good things that we are sometimes unaware off and when we come across such thing or experience it, we think – damn! How come I didn’t know about this? How come I never heard about it from others? And then you make it a point to your family, your friends about it. Here, I am talking about a multi-cuisine restaurant ‘Tangerine’, located on the fourth floor of Davanam Sarovar Portico Suites, opposite Madivala Police Station, Bangalore.

When I was invited to visit this place is the first time I heard about it. Totally unaware (couldn’t even read reviews on Zomato or Burrp), I decide to give it a shot and see how good or bad it is. First impression when I entered the place was wow! A very neat, classy and spacious interior which makes a perfect start for the evening.

We were hosted by Mr. Biju, F&B Manager, Tangerine, where he made us comfortable offering us to start with a drink and then enlightened us with the concept and the cuisine of Tangerine. And then we were introduced to the Master Chef of Tangerine.

P.S: I will only be speaking about the Non-vegetarian items.

After all the talk, we started off with the food marathon. The first item on the table was Chicken Sushi. I am not a big fan of sushi but here it was served with green chilli paste, which was at its deadliest best. A pinch of it on your tongue and you would need a glass of water. It really complemented the sushi.

Next on the table was Wasabi Chicken Tikka. This was cooked to perfection, the chicken was as soft as it can get, melts deliciously well in your mouth. A tail of mayo on the chicken and onion alongside, it was a brilliant start.

Next on the table was something that I really cherish – Gosht Goli Shorba Soup. First look of it and I knew this is gonna rock the night. The presentation was very simple yet very unique. The tiny meat balls dancing on the soup was a delight to the eyes. It had a strong aroma of cloves and other spices but it didn’t kill the taste of mutton at all. This was one of the best gosht shorba I have ever had.

Next on the table was my all time favourite Tangdi Kabab. Very juicy, extra smooth, cooked to perfection.

Next up was the simplest of all – Caesar Salad with Garlic bread. Nothing extraordinary about it, plain, simple and up to the mark.

Moving on to the first course, I had Spaghetti Gambas on the table. Very neat presentation with a hint of spices and the shrimps shining on the glazed spaghetti like a diamond on the crown. It tasted as good as it looked, full marks to Chef for this item.

For the main course, I had on the table Chicken Tikka Masala, Warqi Parantha, Till matter ki roti and Motiya pulao. I was already full to enjoy the main course but tasted a bit of everything. I wasn’t really impressed by the taste of Chicken Tikka Masala, though chicken was very soft. Waqi Parantha and Til matter ke roti is something new to me and I really enjoyed eating it.

But as we say, the best is always saved for the last. Chef presented its master stroke, the three delicious, lip-smacking and eye pleasing desserts – Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake, Death by Chocolate and Jalebi with Chocolate sauce.

Boy oh boy, the Gulab Jamun cheese cake now features in my top 3 list of best desserts I have ever had. Everything about it was perfect. What a creation from the Chef, simply amazing. Take a bow Sir. I can bet, no one can eat just one; I had three of these beauties.

Death by chocolate was again at its best. The less I say the more it is. 

And the final highlight of the evening was Galebi with Chocolate sauce. I mean wow, what a combination. I have never heard of it. Once again congratulations to Chef for pulling out something like this with such ease and simplicity.

Before we left for our home, I made a point to speak to Chef and say what magic he has created with the menu.

I am aware that not many people know about this place but I would highly recommend this place to the entire food connoisseur.  

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: Gosht Goli Shorba Soup, Spaghetti Gambas, Gulab Jamun cheese cake and Galebi with chocolate sauce.


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