Stay charged 24/7 with Bon 6

Stay charged 24/7 with Bon 6

Well, who doesn't love surprises? I certainly do.

This boring afternoon, I was taken by surprise when a courier came for me as I wasn't expecting any gift from someone nor did I make any recent purchase from the ‘sasta bazaar’ (Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong and many others). When I opened the packet, I was amazed at this wonderful surprise. This actually made my day.  Curious to know what it is? All I would say now, it is a ‘mystery box’. See below how wonderful this looks.

Excited? Want to know more about it? Ahh!! I so love teasing people like this. Let’s play a game. Will tell you a feature of #BonTheOriginal as a hint and it’s up to you to guess what it is.

#BonTheOriginal has many world class features and one among them is ‘Auto-Charge’ which helps you remain powered 24/7. Boy oh Boy, the more I say about it, the less it is. The ‘auto-charge’ feature makes #BonTheOriginal better than the leading smartphones in the market. All the smartphones in the market is enabled with charging option but the charge stays on for 6-8 hours maximum at a stretch but #BonTheOriginal is powered with one of its kind feature ‘auto-charge’ which allows to stay powered 24/7. Isn't that amazing?

Just can't wait for the unboxing of  'mystery box', 2 days to go. I have given a very important clue and now it is up to you to guess what #BonTheOriginal is? And you can be part of the launch of Bon 6 as well, register here:

Stay tuned for more.


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