Change is good, positive and refreshing - #StartANewLife

Change is good, positive and refreshing

Starting a new life can be challenging but if you are determined and have the blessings of your loved ones, the journey forward becomes very interesting. Someone has rightly said – ‘times waits for none’, change is bound to happen in everyone’s life, it is just a matter of fact how positively you can #StartANewLife. 

There was a big change in my life few years back – it was a good change. It meant that I am moving forward to live a better life and give myself a chance to be the best in the crowd. 

I have always been a pampered kid at my home and never stepped away without my parents for a longer period of time until 2011 after my graduations. I hail from a business family but I was determined to do a creative job and this wouldn’t have been possible if I had stayed at my hometown. There are very less opportunities and I wanted to explore, make a name for myself and give myself a chance to be the best.

All this meant, I had to #StartANewLife, far away from my loving family. It was tough, very tough decision but when your loved ones back you and provides with all the support, it seems a smooth ride. I moved far away from my Bangalore for my higher studies. I completed my masters in 2013 and now I have a successful job which would turn two this July.

I would say this change was very important in my life, it was a game changer. Until 2010, I was a frog in the well, who wasn’t exposed to the other things in life, who was only restricted to a small city, who was an introvert and a naïve guy. Coming to Bangalore, studying for two years and then another two years in the job has transformed me into a better person, who is now more confident, is an extrovert and knows the true meaning of life.

Now, I am much matured, I value my family, I understand the importance of money, I understand the importance of life. Since I stepped in Bangalore, I started saving money and when I started to work, I bought myself a brand new bike on EMI and I am paying through my salary. This was one of the best moments in life, a proud feeling I would say, being an owner of something you purchased from your own money.

For all the people who want to #StartANewLife but are afraid of the change, always remember change is good, positive and refreshing. It signifies that you are moving forward, living better, and giving yourselves the chance to be the best you can possibly be.

A brilliant concept by will give a better perspective to #StartANewLife. Watch the video below:


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