Optimism can be found all around. You just need to feel it.

Optimism can be found all around. You just need to feel it.

There are times when you lose hope, embrace negativity and shun yourself from the outside world but there is always a way out, a solution that is waiting for your tap. When you are staying far off from your family, you tend to go in a shell when you miss them a lot. And when you go back home after a long gap, the smile of your loved ones sums up everything.

My family has always been supportive and it was same when I decided to do a job despite of being from a business family. I have always dreamt of larger things in life and I think my family knew it even before I could tell them. Dreams don’t come easy, you need to be prepared to lose something, in order to gain a lot in life. Here, I was leaving behind my caring mom and dad, loving brother and bhabhi and my sweet little niece who was just born.

I was delighted to step in a new city – Bangalore to complete my masters and build my new entity. But as the time progressed, I could understand the pain I was going through. The pain of missing my mom’s food, the pain of missing the affection of my brother, the pain of my dad asking where I was so late or did I had my lunch properly, the pain of everyone sitting together and having our dinner. My niece was growing fast but here I was, far away from her not able to the love she deserved. I cried a lot, alone in my room not letting anyone know how much I missed my family and I felt immense happiness when I spoke to everyone on phone and I am sure they felt the same.

After seven odd months, when I first got a chance to go home, just couldn’t control my emotions. It was real, it was powerful, it was divine. Once I reached home after a long journey, I could see my mom and dad’s face beam with happiness and that moment I found the much needed optimism, the much needed positivity in life. My bother never openly shows his love but he is always there holding my back. I was irresistible to see my little princess whom I had left behind just after her birth. Ah! She was beautiful, that tiny hands holding my finger, that cute smile when she knew she is being loved by her uncle, that moment cannot be compensated by anything in this damn world. This was my #lookup moment in life.

Today, when I write this it has been five years away from family. Today, I have a good job to boast, everyone is happy but the fact is I have lost some of the best moments of being together to achieve this. But the only thing that has kept me going all these years is positivity I receive from my loved ones.

I envision a world filled with positivity, just like https://housing.com/lookup does. As Housing.com rightly preaches: As elusive as it may seem, optimism can be found all around - in the laughter of children, in the excitement on your pet's face when you get back after a long day, and in the smile of your loved ones when you go back home after months of being away.

I found my optimism in the smile of my loved ones. Have you found yours?


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