Food Review: California Pizza Kitchen rolls out six new pizzas’ at an unbelievable price

Sky high Quality, deep down price
California Pizza Kitchen rolls out six new pizzas’ (9”) at an unbelievable price

My love for pizza is undeniable and when the venue is one of my favourites, it doesn’t matter if I am on a workout mode. Yes, I am talking about California Pizza Kitchen which I feel is one such name that has won legions of food experts for its innovative, fresh, great tasting pizzas & unparalleled experience. It never fails to amaze its patrons with its experimental and exquisite pizzas’. Every time I visit CPK, there is something new, something creative, something extraordinary waiting to bold you over.

This time CPK has given another reason to make the visits frequent. CPK now brings an exciting introductory offer presenting brand new 9” veg and non-veg pizzas just at Rs. 249 (plus taxes). Patrons can choose from a variety of below mentioned pizzas throughout Monday to Friday at a deep down price.
These are the newly introduced pizzas:
  • Apollo Pizza
  • Tijuana Chicken Pizza
  • Spicy Cilantro Pizza (Veg and Non- Veg)
  • Kasundi Paneer Pizza
  • Rustica 
  • Capriciossa (Veg and Non- Veg)

 Before we get into the details of pizzas, let me start with the coolers and appetizers.

A kick-start evening knocking on the doors, I started with a Mango Mint Ecstacy which contained mango juice, mint leaves and lemon topped with soda. It was simple yet a refreshing drink, a perfect start to the evening.

For the appetizers, chef recommended Spicy Chicken Supreme, Mediterranean Focaccia, Black Bean Quesadilla and Corn Baja Croquettes.

The first pizza marching on the table was Apollo Pizza. This was made on a thick crust with garlic marina sauce, mozzarella cheese, roasted peppers, sliced mushrooms, grilled onions and marinated chicken. This one was a real delight to start with.

The next pizza which was really screaming loud for the attention was Tijuana Chicken Pizza. Albuquerque sauce on a thin crust with mozzarella, grilled onions grilled chicken & salad jalapenos in the style of Tijuana, garnished with cilantro. Though it looked rally appealing on the plate, it didn’t serve my taste buds. Not much to offer to the taste other than heavy tangy flavour. This one is a rare familiar from CPK’s kitchen.

Next making the jump on the table was Spicy Cilantro Pizza. This really made my evening. One of the best pizzas I have had and a must try for people visiting here. For this, people can have your choice from chicken or pizza topped with onion, tomatoes and capsicum marinated in fresh coriander pesto.

And the next on the table making a grand entry was the most awaited pizza of the evening, say Namaste to Kasundi Paneer. This pizza really bowled me over the last time I visited here for International Pizza and Beer Carnival and it represented India. Chef has made some changes after receiving feedback from its customers and thankfully this time it was even better than the last. It is served on a thin crust with makhani sauce, kasundi flavoured paneer, roasted peppers, tomatoes and onions. I said it last time and I am saying it again, I bet, no one can eat just one slice of this pizza. You are bound to ask for more. Surprisingly its veg that has satisfied my taste buds.

Next Pizza was Rustica, another brilliantly crafted pizza from the kitchen of CPK and again it’s a veggie that has bowled be over. Served on a thin crust with grilled zucchini sautéed white mushroom, green olives and capers spread on a thin crust garnished with shaved Parmesan cheese.

The last but certainly not the least was Capriciossa Pizza. Again, served on a thin crust, this has pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, bocconcini and parmesan cheese, greek olives, artichoke and mushrooms. This one was very simple yet very effective. Not a high profile but still leaves a mark.

Wait… it’s not over yet. How can it be?

Coming at CPK and not having desserts here is a crime you don’t wanna commit. I have had my share of praise for one of everyone’s favourite Tiramisu but there is another kid in the house which has made a big stride taking the favourite’s flag from Tiramisu. It’s Sticky Toffee Pudding and it is awesome. Topped with a rich and buttery caramel sauce, this toffee flavoured British style ‘pudding’ garnished with pecan nuts melts its way onto your list of favourites quickly, just like me.

And the ever beautiful, CPK signature dessert 'Red Velvet Cake' was a lip-smacking delight. Certainly, one of the best you can get in the city. 


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