Review: Atmosfire

Barbeque on your mind? Now, just a dial away
Atmosfire takes the organising load at your chosen venue to give the desired party experience

“People who love to eat are always the best people”, these are the words on the wall of Atmosfire’s celebration pit at Electronic City and needless to say I am one of those.

Well, who doesn't love a tailor made barbeque party right at their door steps? I know numerous people who wants to host a party at their home but backs off and instead heads to a restaurant, reason being many. Just imagine a situation – you have anniversary or a birthday party and invite over around 25 friends for dinner. Now, picture the load of work you and your wife would have to go through - Cooking, serving, cleaning the utensils and the entire home. A happy day becomes a nightmare for both.

Now that you have my attention, read below.

That’s where Atmosfire scores. It is a unique concept by Barbeque Nation provides you with option of either hosting the barbeque party at your place or at the venue provided by Atmosfire called ‘Celebration Pit’ at Indiranagar or Electronic City, if there is not enough space at your home to accommodate your guests. Either of the venues you chose, everything is taken care by the awesome team of Atmosfire. And by everything, I mean everything, yes even cleaning the mess after the party is over.

Hummm that’s interesting (you must be thinking) with your eyebrows raised.

Worried about the price Atmosfire would charge to take care of your Barbeque party? Well, the Non-Veg food package ‘Meat Treats’ starts at INR 450 + taxes & the Veg food package ‘Veg with an Edge’ starts at INR 350 + Taxes.

Surprised? No way, I am not kidding. That’s the price. And, if you want some amazing cocktails for your guests, Atmosfire will have that covered as well (at no extra cost, you just need to provide them with alcohol).

Now, before you pick up your phone lying next to you and dial Atmosfire for a barbeque party, just have a glimpse of the amazing food that's is in store for you.

Cucumber Cooler

 Carribean Jerk Chicken

 Garlic Bread & Tomato Balsamic Bruschetta

 Dahi ke Kabab

 BBQ Assorted Fruits (Pineapple, Pears, Guava, Apple)

 Cranberry Fusion

                                                          Texas Barbeque Cottage Cheese

                                                                 Moroccan Char Mole Prawns

Lahori Veg Soya Chunks (Mock Meat)

                                                        Peri Peri Chicken Drumstick

Coastal BBQ Fish

                                                                Arabian Kafta Mutton 

                                                                       Tandoori Quail

 Lepiska Bread

                                                             Bharma Punjabi Aloo

 BBQ Pineapple

 Shark's Steaks with Pineapple Mojo

Kothmir Mirch Murgh

 Dal Tadka

 Fresh Fruit Gateau

 Kolkata Special, in-house prepared 'Rasogolla'

This is just a trailer my friend and it looks amazing. Isn't it? And now if you are thinking about the person who is responsible for producing such lip-smacking food, it’s the awesome Chef Ashish and Chef Pramod.

                                                        Chef Ashish & Chef Pramod

Few more pics from Atmosfire.

The awesome team of Atmosfire

 Bloggers with Atmosfire Team

 And that's me. Always ready to pose

                                                          Fellow Blogger 'Tejas' and Myself

My experience at Atmosfire was just amazing. Every food was barbequed with passion and perfection. Full marks to Atmosfire team for bringing in such a brilliant concept to Bangalore.

To dial a barbeque party with Atmosfire, Call Toll Free: 1800­1211­555
For more information:


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