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Taste of Arabia in Bengaluru

There are dining places which is good and then there are places which are exceptional in every sense, which makes you feel special by their hospitality, gives you a wow feeling with the lip-smacking food and leaves you with good memories. Here, I am talking about Ritz Carlton where my dining experience has always been different.

But this time the occasion was grand. I was invited to taste the finest of Arabian food, especially crafted by the Master Chef Rami Almaket. Ahh! I must say, you don’t get to see such lavish spread of Middle Eastern cuisine every day and when you do, it has to be at Ritz Carlton. This gastronomical idea has been supported by Air Arabia.

When I say, Ritz Carlton makes you feel special, I really mean it. The first thing I received when I made myself comfortable on the “Arabian” couch was a personalised menu. When the start is so amazing, you can only wonder how brilliant the evening could be with all the fellow bloggers.

And right after that a man with a brilliant sense of humour and warm personality, Chef Rami Almaket took over The Market’s kitchen, ready to lead us for the gastronomical journey to Arabia.

Chef Rami Almaket

First serving on the table was Syrian Spice Tea with Nuts. I am a person who just can’t do without a tea and this my friend is just what I needed after a tiring day at office. A sip in and a strong taste of cinnamon and walnuts hits your throats and refreshes your mind. A must try for the people who loves it strong.

Syrian Spice Tea with Nuts

Next up was, Lamb Harira Soup  originated from Morocco. I have tried end number of restaurants offering soup but not many give attention to the detailing of flavour and spices that goes in the soup. This was different, if not the best, certainly one of the best soups I have had in a long time. It is a very rich, filing and nutritious. When you take the spoon to fill your mouth the aroma that hits the nose is gives the sense of spices used. The chunks of lamb in the soup were very soft and really complemented the spices used.

Lamb Harira Soup

Next on the table was, Arabic Mix Mezze Sampler  originated from Lebanon. Just as the name suggests, a mix of four different dips, namely: Hummus, Beetroot, Green Olives and Babaghanosh which made the plate looked very colourful. It was served along with warm Pita breads.

Arabic Mix Mezze Sampler 

Falafel & Fatta Chicken was served next. This is originated from the Levant countries. Falafel was very crispy just the way it should be and just the way I like. But Fatta Chicken is one particular item on the menu which did not suit my taste buds, a rare thing which I would say about a food at Ritz. But as the saying goes, even the beautiful moon has spots.


Fatta Chicken 

Next up was Syrian Dal Makhani. That sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This took everyone present on the table by surprise and certainly the best I had this evening. The highlight of this dish was a sweet tinge of pomegranate amidst of serious strong spices. Ahh! This is a must try.

Syrian Dal Makhani

Next we moved over to the main course which included with a mix of vegetarian, chicken and meat delicacies and rice with Vermicilli.

Also, we were served the Syrian selection of Arabic Mixed Grill. I could only try the Traditional Afghani Kebabs  and Grilled Lamb Chops.

Traditional Afghani Kebabs 

Grilled Lamb Chops

I believe that no matter how full you are, there is always a small space to accommodate the desserts. Here, the chef had something special stored for us. He had prepared Umm Ali for us, the Egyptian way. This is a sheer masterpiece from the Arabian kitchen of Chef Rami Almaket and another must try when you visit here. I couldn’t hold myself but ask Chef about how he made tis heavenly dose of sweetness. He said that all you need is a croissant which should be soaked in milk and rose water, which is then topped with heavy cream and then baked.

Umm Ali 

Taste of Arabia features signature tastes that have evolved from the silk and spice routes that were once travelled by the men of dessert. Highlighting speciality dishes, from the Middle East, with interactive cooking stations the festival is the ideal for people looking to indulge their inner connoisseur while sharing quality time with friends and family. 

We couldn't hold yourselves but take one selfie before we head back to home.

LtoR: Prateek, Suman (Me), Mudra, Chef Rami Almaket and Riya

And then I just can't go home without a picture of mine with the Chef


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