New range of delicious Frappuccino at Starbucks India

It’s raining mangoes at Starbucks
Introduces brand new range of delicious Frappuccino flavors

Its summer and that time of the year again when everyone (well most of them) can be seen indulging over I common thing and i.e. the king of fruits ‘Mangoes’. Well, who doesn’t like mangoes, right?

And when we are talking about mangoes how can we not talk about the tastiest and the most popular of the lot – ALPHONSO.

This season of Mangoes, Starbucks has brought in exciting new avatars for its patrons to indulge in the Alphonso Mango Frappuccino and the delicate Baked Mango Yogurt crafted exclusively for the mango lovers in India.

Everyone gets to customize its favourite Frappuccino just the way you like or just add crunchy java chips and mocha drizzle to reach the zenith of indulgence and perform #summerfunventures only at Starbucks!

And for everyone who wants to know the secret to Starbucks' delicious coffee, here it is.

Myself being a true mango lover, it was nothing but a sheer delight to be part of Funventures at Starbucks (Church Street, Bangalore) and indulge in delicious mango frappuccinos. 

The new Alphonso Mango Frappuccino is a blend of pure Alphonso mango and milk mingled with ice and topped with a swirl of whipped cream. This flavour combination of mango and cream creates a familiar and comforting treat that’s perfect for the summer season. I did customize my Alphonso Mango Frappuccino by adding crunchy java chips and mocha drizzle.

And just when I thought that it can’t get better than this, was surprised with the Baked Mango Yogurt topped with tropical mango sauce. This is made with amalgamation of yogurt, cream, condensed milk and mango puree. 

As we all know, Mangoes are only for a limited time, so all Starbucks stores in India will serve the delicious Mango Frappuccinos only through May and June 2015.

Dark Mocha Frappuccino and Mocha Caramel Crunch Frappuccino is among the other new variants available at Starbucks India.

Starbucks is all geared up to turn your lazy and depressing summer into a fun filled and exciting when you say yes to the Starbucks Funventures.

Saying yes to Funventures, I participated along with other friends in a bunch of fun activities such as striking a chord with a Starbucks partner through our favorite song or playing the awesome bean-straw game or making new friends by buying a Frappuccino for someone unknown at Starbucks!

And needless to guess who the winner was. Yes, it was me along with my partner Prateek.

I also did the #sipfacechallenge for the entire week before I headed to Starbucks and it was super fun. Below are few of my #sipface selfies.


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