Review: Nando's - 17 new ways to reach Oral satisfaction

The new menu at Nando’s is PERI-licious and PERI-fic; serving 17 new ways to reach Oral satisfaction

There is always that one thing you can never say no to, and dining at Nando’s is that one thing for me, even if I have to travel more than 20 kms. Yes, last week I was invited for the tasting of their new additions to the menu. Had it been any other restaurant, I would have thought twice travelling to ITPB from Shanthinagar in that horrendous traffic in the evening. But when the occasion is at Nando’s it’s a plain and simple ‘yes I am gonna be there on time’. There are very few restaurants in Bangalore which has cast a spell on me and Nando’s with its PERI-licious taste they offer is certainly one among those few.

Nando’s, the South Africa based international chain of casual dining restaurants serving Afro Portuguese cuisine has launched an exciting new menu with a variety of new products along with a separate new Vegetarian Menu so that the vegetarian consumers does not have to read between the lines.

The new entrants to the veggie club are: Veg Espetada, Moroccan Burger, and ‘Something Exotic’ which is a unique combination of watermelon and paneer kebabs, overnight marinated, grilled on skewer with PERi PERi sauce.

The exotic new additions to the non-vegetarian menu include innovative items such as Butterfly Burger, Angry Mango Chicken and Black Mushroom, Halloumi and sweet chilli Burger Pita and Wraps.

We started off with the evergreen, ever beautiful Chicken Wings bathed with what Nando’s is known for – the Peri-Peri sauce and . I always prefer that extra spice in my food, so my fingers straight away points at the Extra Hot Peri-Peri coating.

Do I even need to explain, how those wings tasted. Ummmmm… that beautiful shine and softness of the chicken, that extra hotness of spice lingering on your lips and tongue and that satisfying taste, what better I could have asked for after a tiring day at office and travelling for more than 20 kms in that Bangalore traffic. It was worth every minute of the travel. Nando’s new menu says ‘17 new ways to reach oral satisfaction’ and here it was, one of the ways of oral satisfaction.

Next up was Algarve Salad which honestly I never expected it to be exceptional. I am not a salad person but this my friend was absolute beauty. Ahh! those medley of leaves, rocket, mixed peppers, roasted cashew nuts, marinated sun-dried tomato, feta cheese and topped with Peri-Peri chicken would leave you asking for more.

And next on the table that completely blew my mind and gave me one more reason to love this place – Something Exotic. It was a grilled paneer and fresh watermelon in hot Peri-Peri  served on a skewer. Just look at the texture, the perfection of grill and the way paneer and watermelon melts in your mouth together giving a kick to my taste buds. This was a surprise, this was exceptional, this was a show stealer. People visiting here, would suggest to eat the paneer and watermelon together.

Nando’s has always been known for its non-vegetarian eateries but I won’t be surprised if people go there to eat ‘Something Exotic’. Nando’s doesn’t need to do this, but they have done it, making sure they serve the best to its veggie customers. This shows their passion for serving that’s always on top of everyone’s mind.

Next veggie on the table was Espetada Carnival. It was tender marinated paneer with feta and parsley, skewered with mixed peppers. Trust me when I say, this was one of the most eye pleasing sites of the evening. Just like below and you well know what I am talking about. But when it comes to taste, nowhere compared to its counterpart ‘Something Exotic’. 

Next up was Angry Mango Burger. Ohh! Yes you read it right, the name itself is so damn tempting. This is a true adventure combining the succulent (extra hot) Peri-Peri chicken with diced mango and rocket. This is the season of mangoes and you find it everywhere but in burger along with peri-peri chicken was my question. And again, it was brilliant, thumbs of for the experiment. I would suggest trying it with hot or extra hot sauce, it really pushes the taste a level up.

Next I tried the No Bones Platter. Ahh! those soft grilled butterfly chicken with Peri-Peri is something that makes me hungry again. I must say Nando’s at its best.

Next up was another simple, plain yet very unique and high on taste. I am talking about Grilled Corn. I know you would be thinking, why even I am talking about this? It is available in every corner of Bangalore. But wait till you taste at Nando’s. That’s exactly what I felt but just thought of trying and boy, was I surprised. It was really really really soft and very juicy. And then I made few of my friends try, they were equally surprised. So, thumbs again to bring out the best out of simplest of the things.

I don’t know about 17 ways but I was definitely satisfied, ‘Orally’.
There are plenty other items on the menu and I am sure every single of them would taste equally good. Just can’t wait to visit Nando’s again, after all its PERI-licious and PERI-fic.

Verdict: 4.5/5

Must Try: Peri-Peri Chicken Wings, Algarve Salad, Something Exotic, Angry Mango Burger and No bones Platter

Where: Nando’s, Ascendas Park Square, Ground Floor, ITPB, Whitefield Road, Bangalore


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