gears to tap ₹1700 crore retail coffee market gears to tap 1700 crore retail coffee market
Launches 5 different variants under ‘Fresho’ brand with the concept of ‘ground to order’

Time Flies…. Well, it certainly does.

Today, we live in a world where an average human life is incomplete with internet. Ten years on the rewind and the World Wide Web (www) had just started making its present fell in India, not aware of how things would change. Earlier, people were so finicky to choose the fruits, vegetables and other household items and make sure they have got the best of the lot. And let’s not forget the bargaining for another couple of minutes or may be more. But today, we have virtual supermarket or online retail store (you should be knowing this until you have been staying under the rock till this moment). Just name a thing and you will find it on tip of your fingers, a sheer convenience to customers. Ohh yes… time flies.

The eCommerce industry is fast rising and change is very evident. According to a report by PWC “The sector in India has grown by 34% (CAGR) since 2009 to touch 16.4 billion USD in 2014. The sector is expected to be in the range of 22 billion USD in 2015”.

That’s the kind of growth we are talking about. When we speak about the eCommerce industry, is one such name which has been a leader and has dominated the market ever since. is India's largest Online Grocery Store and Online Supermarket. With over 14,000 products from over 1000 brands is currently present in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, and Mysore with plans to expand to other cities soon. Our online food store offers a variety of products across various categories like : Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Grocery & Staples, Beverages, Bread,Dairy & Egg products, Branded Foods, Meat, Personal Care and Household products.

Bigbasket apart from expanding their geographical horizons is also rapidly expanding their products. With this aggressive mind set, have recently launched their first private label brand – FRESHO and are all set to tap the 1700 crore retail coffee market in India.

Fresho Coffee is pure filter coffee ground to order. The coffee beans will be ground against order to maintain freshness. The Fresho coffee is 100% pure with no added chicory and is a blend of Arabica (35 years old) and Robusta (75-80 years old).

The coffee comes from a high elevation bean which is bigger and has greater intrinsic value and is produced at the foothills of Baba Budangiri hills in Chikmaglur. have launched 5 different variants of Fresho coffee listed below:

Dark Nectar: A delicately processed coffee with a naturally sweet flavor
Smooth Caramel: A unique coffee blend with a deep caramelized flavor
Exotica: A dark roasted, heavy bodied, great tasting coffee
Morning Dew:  A beautiful blend with a touch of sweetness
Noir Crème: The rich, deep taste of mildly bitter coffee

I had a chance to taste all the five variants of Fresh coffee. Though every variant has a unique to offer, I really enjoyed ‘Morning Dew’. I am person who needs a mug of coffee early morning and this serves as a perfect start to the day. The next best variant that I really enjoyed was the ‘Dark Nectar’.  

The price of Fresho coffee variants starts from 46 to 99 for 100 grams. 

Speaking to Sudhanva and Nidhi Vohra from Big Basket, they said “Our pricing is very competitive and we have deliberately kept it affordable so that we can get more trials and conversions. We have had a very tough time with our suppliers, to offer coffee at this price point to coffee lovers in Bangalore”.

They further added “Our objective is to give an option of pure filter coffee to consumers and for this we have partnered with the Classic group who have 160 years old rich heritage. They have 5 generations of Coffee plantations. All coffees are produced with natural flora and fauna with minimalistic use of synthetic fertilizers”.


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  1. awaiting this in Chennai. you have indicated five flavors. which one would you suggest for Tamilian filter coffee aficionado?

  2. Dear Mr. Venkataraman,

    Thank you for leaving your query on this post.

    To answer your first question - Fresho Coffee should be available in Chennai in about a month’s time or so.

    And regarding flavor for Tamilian filter coffee aficionado, I would suggest to try out all the five variants and then pick that suits your taste buds the best.

    If you ask my personal favorite, it would be Morning Dew and Dark Nectar.