Dineout – Connecting diners with restaurants

Dineout – Connecting diners with restaurants
Enables users with great discounts, cash backs and saves ample of time

Today, we live in a world where people bow their head to ‘convenience’ and that’s where technology has evolved at such a rapid pace. Name a thing and technology has made it convenient for the people.

I think mobile phones are the biggest boon to human race (or some would say biggest curse), it has contracted the whole world on every individual’s palms, literally. Pause for a second and think how a smart phone has transformed one’s life.

Every day end number of mobile applications is launched for different purposes but there are very few from the crowd which serves the purpose of ‘convenience’ in real terms. One such app, I have come across is Dineout.

I was invited for a Bloggers meet last week. It was one evening to be remembered with who’s who of Food Blogging Fraternity from Bangalore. It was an evening mix of information, gossip, entertainment, food and some great wine.

 Dineout is the latest offering from the house of Bennett & Coleman Limited that owns the Largest Media Company in India, Times of India, to promote Dining Out at the best restaurants in the country. Dineout began some time back as an initiative to connect diners with restaurants, and enable people to discover new places to eat, reserve a table, get deals and enjoy an unparalleled dining experience. Today a Dineout user gets around 30% discount on the bill and saves around 30 minutes of waiting time, every time they reserve using the app or website.

The app was launched in April this year.

I recently used the Dineout App and it was really a good experience, a very convenient one rather. It helped me reserve a table in a restaurant of my choice from the tip of my finger, saved on the bill and got a cash-back too.
It is a very simple process. All you need to do is the following:

E.g. If you want to spend a beautiful evening with your loved one at a romantic place, all you need to do is:
  • Tap on the Dineout App
  • Click on the top left scroll button

  • Tap on "promotions' and Use my code (SUMANDO) for Rs. 100 cash back

  • Click on 'Discover'
  • Then click on 'Romantic' tab

  • Click on your choice of romantic restaurants (say Ebony)

  • Hit the ‘Reserve a table’ tab (You can also check on the offers available only for Dineout users)

  • Confirm Number of guests, time and date

  • Confirm your table
  • Check-in at the restaurant and enjoy your food

Here are some glimpse from the Bloggers meet.


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