Review: New Pizzas starting Rs. 245 at California Pizza Kitchen

Indulge yourself in finest Pizzas starting Rs. 245 at California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen is one such place which needs no introduction. It is one such restaurant that has managed to be consistent over the period of time pulling in crowds from every age group. With so many restaurants coming up every day, the competition has only increased but the million dollar fact is not every one survives and wins the trust of the customers. This is what exactly CPK has been able to do, create a niche among its audience.

I have always heard people saying that CPK is very expensive. Well, it’s not. Time to clear this misconception, CPK has recently introduced finest handcrafted and an innovative variety of pizzas to invigorate your taste buds starting at INR 245++ onward.

I was invited for a sneak peek and eat the new range of pizzas which is extra light on your pockets.

We started the evening with some refreshing mocktails and tantalizing appetizers.

The first pizza on the table was ‘Traditional Cheese’, a traditional crust with homemade pizza sauce, fresh basil and loads of cheese baked to perfection. It was nothing extra ordinary, just plain, simple and delicious.

The next up was ‘Roma Basilico’, a traditional crust topped with CPK’s homemade pizza sauce, fresh basil, red onions and sliced roma tomatoes. Again very simple but it really took me by surprise. I am not a big veggie fan but this really got me stumped. The red onions weaves its magic and roma tomatoes performs tango with the taste buds, definitely a must try.

Next up on the table was ‘Roasted Mushroom & Pepper’, a traditional crust topped with spicy baja sauce, mozzarella cheese, red onions, roasted mushroom & bell peppers. I really love indulging in those dark mushrooms and this offering from CPK does serve the purpose. Definitely the roasted mushroom is the hero of this dish, brilliantly supported by the spicy baja sauce. If you are a mushroom person, go for it and for others there are many more to choose from.

Next up was ‘Florentine’, mushroom pesto spread on a thin crust with mozzarella cheese, spinach, garlic and cherry tomato. Well, it definitely looks tempting but this once is a deceiver. I really did not enjoy as much I did the above three, can be given a miss.

The final pizza up on the table was ‘Garden Veg’, as the name suggests, it is loaded with garden greens, spinach, green peppers, anaheim chillies & mozzarella cheese on a traditional crust with freshly made green chilli sauce. This was an absolute stunner, both with the looks and taste. This is what you can call a veggies’ delight.

And no meal can be over without some scrumptious desserts. And by some, I mean four best from CPK’s kitchen – Tiramisu, Red Velvet Cake, Sticky Toffee Pudding and American Buttercake. 

 Do I need say more??


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