Review: Rêve de Chocolate at Cubbon Pavillion, ITC Gardenia

Too much chocolate… said no one ever

Chocolate is one such word which evokes a child within all of us, accompanied with a tinge of excitement and naughtiness. I have come across many people with a ‘sweet tooth’ who just can’t stay away from a bite of chocolate every single day. What about me? Well, I am a common man with common fantasies and just like most of you, I too can’t resist chocolates.

Let’s imagine a situation. Have you ever dreamt of a room full of best expert curated chocolates? Have you ever thought of what would be like to indulge in different varieties of rich, dark, fantasy like chocolates? Ohh yes, that’s what happened to me few days back.

Last week, I was invited by the #ITCHotels to be part of the ongoing ‘Rêve de Chocolate’ festival at ITC Gardenia’s #CubbonPavillion - A celebration of Exclusive Chocolate Desserts curated by the expert chocolatier Chef Arvind Prasad.

Let me start my experience by saying – ‘If there is ever a sin I would happily commit, let this be the one’.

How often have we seen the ‘chocolate’ taking the centre stage in an expansive dinner buffet? Well, when you decide to dine at ITC Gardenia, there is always a surprise element waiting to stump you over. This time, there are just too many wow factors which will leave you more than just amazed.

As soon as we made ourselves comfortable, Chef Arvind made an appearance like a wonderful host and spoke in length about this festival. One thing I should definitely mention here about Chef Arvind, he is one of the most passionate people I have come across and you can make this out from the way he expresses his emotions for the chocolates, the effort he and his team has put behind bringing the ‘Sweet Endings’ to reality and the knowledge he possess is just commendable.

Chef Arvind & Chef Ruby

So, Chef Arvind informed as that he has something magical to start the proceedings. He came back with an enclosed glass platter which send our curiosity levels soaring high. Just like a magician, with a peculiar smile on his face, next moment he removed the lid and what we saw was pure awesomeness, I could hear ooohhhhhssss, aaahhhhssss and woowwssss from my friends (I couldn’t stop myself either). Chef Arvind had just presented a master piece - a chocolate amuse bouche of in-house made chocolates.

                                                                 Chocolate Amuse Bouche

Relive the magic here:

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best presentations I have come across by any Chef. A bite of it and you can understand the quality, the smoothness, the texture – top notch.

This was just the beginning, the creativity and hard work from the kitchen of Chef Arvind and his team was easily visible on the chocolate spread which goes on and on and on – it was no less than a heaven.

For now, treat your eyes with these beautiful images which showcase Chef Arvind’s curated spread of ‘Rêve de Chocolate’.

Too much chocolate.. Said no one ever.

 Single origin Sao Thome 70% Cocao tart

 Madagascar Chocolate Dome

 Black Forest Terine

 Chestnut, Vanilla and Hazelnut Eclairs

 Citrus scented Chocolate & Hazelnut crunch cake

 Chilly and Chocolate Tian with Almond Sable

 Raspberry Sacher

 Caramel Chocolate Noisettes (Caramel & 60% cocao mousse oc cocao sable breton)

Chunky Chocolate Fudge Cookies 

Chocolate Fountain

And to end the proceedings, a group picture.

From LtoR:
Nisha, Chef Arvind, Suman (Me), Chef Ruby and Tejas

Verdict: 4.5/5

Must Try:  Everything

What: ‘Rêve de Chocolate’ - A celebration of Exclusive Chocolate Desserts curated by the expert chocolatier Chef Arvind Prasad. 

Where: Cubbon Pavillion, ITC Gardenia.

When: Till 27th September


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