Review: b Cafe at Shangri-La, Bengaluru

The hottest restaurant in town ‘b café’ is a destination for global cuisines

Shangri-La Hotel needs no introduction. It is Asia Pacific's leading luxury hotel group and also considered as one of the world’s finest hotel ownership and management companies.

For people leaving under the rock, let me raise the curtain for you. Last month, Shangri-La Hotel opened its first property in the South of India, here in Namma Bengaluru.

Located in the heart of the city, Palace road, Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru offer diners an array of authentic cuisines in some of the most spectacular settings in town. 

Last week, I was invited to experience the menu at B-café, an all-day dining restaurant at the lobby level of Shangri-La Bengaluru. It is truly a destination for the best of Indian, Asian & European cuisines, and a dynamic experience where the guest literally dines with the chefs.

What catches your attention when you visit any restaurant or hotel? Shining glasses? Colossal property? Ambience? For me, it was the pleasant smile of the staffs that set my mood after a tiring day. I feel that’s what makes or breaks any business, at Shangri-La hospitality is the core strength.

Coming to the food, it was different… different than what I have been eating at many restaurants. B Café brings with itself freshness in the taste, presentation and experiment. Antonio Tardi, Executive Chef at Shangri-La Bengaluru is the man behind the array of cuisines at b Café. In an interview last month, Chef Tardi said “You name it and you get it here, is the name of the game”. And that’s what I am talking about here.

So, Chef Tardi along with Chef Rounak was all set to bowl us over with line-up of lip-smacking food.

First thing on the table was ‘Yonaha’s Sushi creations’ and they nailed the presentation with four different sushi - Prawn Tempura sushi, cucumber and cream cheese sushi, carrot nigiri, Asparagus maki roll neatly placed in a small bamboo casket, served with soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi. All the four were very aptly cooked with the right amount of tenderness and as fresh as it can get.

Next up was another stunner – ‘Winter greens chef creation’. It was a baby beet, orange segments, goat cheese and arugula salad tossed fresh with olive oil dressing and shaved parmesan. The amalgamation of goat cheese, baby beet and orange is something so powerful in terms of taste and visual appeal. The olive oil dressing and shaved parmesan takes the dish to another level.

Up next on the table was what I adore – ‘Dim Sum’ with an option of both veg and non-veg. Sometimes, sticking to the basics is what gives you the best result. And that’s where these dim sums where so good, nothing extraordinary yet so good.

And the next thing on the table was something that would make anyone go weak on their knees, an absolute knockout – ‘Orange and Campari Sorbet’. Don’t believe me? Well, just see it below for yourself. A spoonful of the sorbet and it just melts in the mouth. It will leave you with no choice but make the humming sound again and again. But there is nothing to be embarrassed, when you eat something good, this is bound to happen.

Next up was another favourite of mine ‘Slow cooked lamb leg’. Trust me, when I love some food the expectation is much higher and the chances of disappointment is greater than liking it. But here the story was different. Ohh boy, it was so so good. The lamb leg was stuffed with spinach and cheese, marinated with house spice mix of herbs and served with baby vegetables and rosemary jus. Rule number one, if the lam is not tender enough, it just spoils the fun for me and this was cooked to perfection.

The last in the main course, next up was ‘Zaffrani Murgh Dum Biryani’. It was served with mirchi salan and raita, homemade garlic pickle, cabbage pickle, lotus stem pickle and mango pickle. Must admit here, after a long time I came across a biryani which was good enough to lick clean the plate. With just right amount of spice, not at all over powering the taste of chicken or that beautiful mesmerising aroma of basmati rice, this had a perfect balance. If you have been looking for some nice biryani just like me, well you should definitely give a try here and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

And and and you just can’t leave the table without having a dessert (that’s a cardinal sin). So up next on the table was ‘Dark Chocolate Fondant’ served with blue cheese and pear ice cream. What should I say about this beauty? Well, see it for yourself and get tempted. Bwaahhaaaa.

My first experience at b Café and it delivered much more than I had expected. If you are looking to experience a different taste with a touch of class, I would highly recommend this place.

Feast your eyes with some more stunning pictures.

Will see you again. Until then - keep eating, keep licking and keep rocking.

Verdict: 4.5/5


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