Review: RedCooker

RedCooker is revolutionizing the food service space by bringing gourmet & home-made food to your door-step

Starting up any business is not a child’s game. It needs passion, commitment and guts to see your dream taking shape in the form of reality. The belief of bringing great food, great packaging & great delivery under one roof drove the trio - Rohan Patnaik, Amol Patil and Raghunandan B to come up with RedCooker.

Launched in August 2015, RedCooker is making all the right noise and aims at revolutionizing the food service space by bringing gourmet and home-made food to everyone’s door-step.

Bangalore is a place where people from other city come to make it big, they work hard, 9 to 7 shift, personal commitments and after all this there is very little time or energy left which allows this bachelors to cook healthy food at home.

In today’s time, consumers don’t stick with the normal daal-chawal, roti-sabji every day. Rather, they like to experiment with exotic gourmet cuisines along with homemade food.

This is where RedCooker comes in. It delivers great food, in great packaging and in a time frame that leaves the customers delighted. Under the expertise of the innovator trio- Rohan Patnaik, Raghunandan B and Amol Patil, RedCooker will have both home-made and gourmet offerings, on the same platform. This will be done via aggregation of housewives in each locality and on-boarding master chefs with years of experiencein 5-star hotels respectively, all this at an affordable price.

Recently, I was invited to the RedCooker’s kitchen in Whitefield to experience their food.

First thing first, I never expected the kitchen to be so clean, less on hustle, very organised where everyone knows what they are supposed to do how.

At the moment, they are only delivering in and around 5 Kms to Industrial Area, Whitefield. It plans to open another 4-5 locations in Bangalore and its operations to all the Metros and tier 1 cities in the next six months.

Coming to food, RedCooker delivers what they promise – tasty & quality homemade food.

We were offered freshly cooked - Crispy Fish Fingers, Paneer Kathi Roll, Pasta in red sauce, Steamed Basa wrapped in Mint squash Mutton Rogan Josh and Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani.

The steamed Basa wrapped in Mint squash just stole the show and was everyone’s favourite. Chef was made to toil hard in the kitchen with number of times people ordering this awesome dish. Nothing extraordinary yet so effective.

Next favourite was Mutton Rogan Josh. I am a big time mutton lover and judge to minute details wherever I eat them. Again, nothing out of the box here, but just stick to the basics and deliver wonders. The mutton was cooked to perfection, allowing you to enjoy the freshness in the mouth and not putting your teeth to work hard. The spice used gives you a vibe of a homemade food. Well done Chef.

Everything I tried at RedCooker kitchen was amazing, allowing me to keep a smile on my face with every bite.

With just two months in business, they are making big stride with receiving over 100 orders a day. Also, their android app with the name 'RedCooker Food Ordering' has a current overall rating of 4.3 which is really good. Challenge for team RedCooker over the period of time would be to remain consistent with its quality & service and not give a chance to its customers to rate them anything below 4.

You can download the android app here.

Below is the sneak peak to the RedCooker android app:

So, whenever your stomach whistles for food, RedCooker is the way to go.

Verdict: 4/5


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  1. Redcooker has absolutely horrendous service. I ordered lunch and it didn't get delivered for an hour and a half. When I called the call centre, they told me that the delivery boy is out for delivery and gave me his number to coordinate. I called him multiple times and he kept telling me that he'll be there in 5-10 minutes.

    After waiting for an hour and a half, I decided to go down and eat food from the nearest restaurant. They didn't even inform me that they were going to get delayed. When I called them again, they said they got delayed because of traffic but the food only left the kitchen 44 minutes after the order according to the call center and at 1PM in the afternoon, there isn't much traffic in Bangalore.

    If you can't deliver food within an hour, you shouldn't be in this business! Never ordering from this place again.

  2. New kid in town! I have used their services multiple times and they have never disappointed. Kudos to RedCooker. Love their Hyderabad Biriyani, Thyme Grilled Chicken and HomeCooked. Delivery has always been spot-on.