Review: Edo at ITC Gardenia

Edo turns 5 at ITC Gardenia; wins Times Food & Nightlife Award’16 for the Best Japanese – Fine Dining

There is no hiding the fact that I rate ITC Hotels as the best in the hospitality business and why not, they have only scaled their service to the next level. It is always a soothing experience at any of the ITC restaurants and this time Edo was like an icing on the cake, just top notch.

I was present at the recently concluded Times Food & Nightlife Award’16 watching the best of Bengaluru walking away with one of the most prestigious awards in F&B industry. It wasn’t surprising at all to witness Edo – fine dining Japanese restaurant at ITC Gardenia bag the award for Best Japanese.

Pic Credit: ITC  Hotels
From Left to Right – Preet Kamal Singh Bedi, Kamlesh Joshi, MD NICE Ashok Kheny, Actress Meghana Gaonkar, Lobsang Cheodon, Rajneesh Maller – F&B Manager-ITC Gardenia, Master Chef Nariyoshi Nakamura, Benjamin Prades

Edo rightly deserves the honour and I am an animate testimony to this statement. EDO brings alive the concept of Japan’s vibrant after-hours culture, with authentic sushi, sashimi, succulent robatayaki, crisp tempura and artful bento meals, accompanied by fine Japanese sake, wines and whiskies, culminating in a grand finale of delectable desserts. 

The evening was all set with perfect ambience, ever smiling staff, music hitting the right notes and as always, good company to dine with.

To start with, we were offered ‘Sake Bomb’. It is a beer cocktail and we were informed that it is a tradition to start with this. The concept of ‘Sake Bomb’ is: Two wooden chopsticks are placed on a beer glass and a sake shot is carefully balanced on them. Then, we along with the serving staff counts till 3 in Japanese and slam the table with our fist. This makes the sake on the chopsticks falls into the beer and we drink the beer bottoms up. I am not a person who can drink beer at one go but I learnt something new which I can impart to other people.

The evening had just started and it couldn’t have been any better. Next up was a non-veg platter which really took me by surprise, it included:

  • Ankimo with Lotus roots (Monk fish Liver on crispy Lotus chips)

  • Hotate No Buta (Scallops wrapped with smoked Pork Belly and Slow cooked Duck breast and Sweet Mizo

  • Kurage (Sesame marinated jellyfish)

Next up was Salmon & Red Snapper Usuzuki and Edo Uramaki (Edo Signature Roll).

Rolling up on the table next was Gindara Misozuke (Mizo marinated Black Cod) and Hitsuji (New Zealand Lamb Chops).

To cool things down, next up was Zaru Soba Noodles (Cold Soba Noodles in soup).

And curtains at any restaurant cannot just go down without having desserts on the table. To call it a day, we had three varieties of eye-pleasing beauties, namely:
  • Madagascar Chocolate Mousse

  • Yuzo cheesecake

  • Sour Cherry Ice-cream


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