Review: CapreseThe 18th Floor Experience at Shangri-La’s Caprese

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Italian is one of the most loved cuisines in every part of India. Here in Bangalore, there are countless restaurants who boast of serving Italian food but actually there are only handful of them who serve authentic Italian, rest play the customers with ‘Indian Italian’.

Few weeks back, I was invited to experience the menu at Caprese, the 18th floor Italian restaurant in Shangri-La, Bengaluru. Caprese serves fresh Mediterranean delights from seafood and traditional Italian favourites to mezze sharing platters and tapas. It provides a chic and relaxed environment for business lunches and dinners, social gatherings and celebrations.

Shangri-La is Asia Pacific's leading luxury hotel group and also considered as one of the world’s finest hotel ownership and management companies. Last year in October, Shangri-La Hotel opened its first property in the South of India, here in Namma Bengaluru. In just three months, Shangri-La is serving in five different restaurants, namely: b Café, Caprese, Ssaffron, Yataii and Shang Palace.

Coming back to Caprese, it is on the 18th Floor and the view that it has to offer its diners is just breath-taking. It provides its diners with both options of indoor sitting or enjoy the masterclass of Chef Antonio Tardi and team sitting outdoor, pleasing your eyes with the green view from top, being blessed by the natural sunlight and breeze kissing your cheeks.

Let’s get talking about the food at Caprese.

We started off the afternoon with the ‘Cheese Platter’ accompanied by Sangria and some bread. OMG! Just look at the image of Cheese Platter below, doesn’t it look heavenly? I haven’t seen anything as beautiful as this on the plate in a long time. 

The cheese selections were:
  • Gorgonzola d.o.p. Italy
  • Fresh burrata, Italy
  • Provolone, d.o.p. Italy
  • Manchengo, Spain

Moving on, next on the table was ‘Charcuterie Platter’. I thought nothing could be as beautiful as the Cheese Platter but boy oh boy wait until you scroll down and see the image. If the white was beautiful, the red is stunningly raw. The platter accommodates: Parma ham, bresaola, soppressata chicken liver pate’, machego and gorgonzola, vegetable pickle olive tapenade and Italian mustard.

Next up was ‘Assorted Bruschetta’. Almost everyone present there really liked the one with bell peppers. I have to compliment Chef Antonio Tardi and team for the presentation of the food and choice of plates, absolutely stunning!

Next up on the table was ‘Tortilla De Patata’. It is a traditional Spanish omelette with potato, eggs and onions. This was cooked to perfection. Just look at the fluffiness, the light brown colour and the tiny asphragus in the center.

‘Calamares Fritos’ was the next screaming for attention. The deep fried calamari and aioli sauce wasn’t as eye pleasing as the above mentioned stunners but it tasted really good. Lately, I have tried fried calamari at lot of restaurants and this was the best so far.

Time for some Pasta & Risotto, first up was ‘Risotto with Mushrooms’. You must have eaten risotto numerous time but this my friend is a classic by Chef Tardi. What makes this risotto brilliant is the smoked scamorza cheese, deep fried capers and sun dried tomato.

Along with the Risotto came one of the most beautiful drinks I have come across – ‘Negroni’, served in an Old Fashioned Glass. Negroni is made of one part gin, one part vermouth rosso and one part campari, garnished with orange peel. It just looks stunning.

Next up was ‘Paccheri Pasta’. Honestly speaking when I walked in that afternoon to Caprese I did expect few quality but Chef Tardi did amaze me with back to back stunners from his kitchen, calibre of which is to an unmatchable level.  And Paccheri Pasta just adds to that list. It is filled with potato, capsicum and asparagus served with seafood broth.

Moving on to the main course, first up was ‘Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chops’. So far I must have spoken best of the dishes but this one was Ummmhhh! So brilliant. The lamb chop was served with seasonal vegetables, green peas foam and lamb jus. Lamb is a different ball game and cooking this meat to perfection is what I really appreciate. This was certainly one of the best dish of the afternoon. The meat was so brilliantly cooked, the knife just cuts through like a piece of cake.

Next up was ‘Crepe Florentine’ wrapped in a butter sautéed spinach and béchamel sauce. I don’t want to repeat the same good words, in short this was another classic dish from the kitchen of Chef Tardi and team. Damn! It is not very often that I run out of good words but when you are dining at Caprese, there is always an exception.

After a marathon of some stunning, classic, lip-smacking food it was time to conclude and it is always a sweet ending. But Chef Tardi was in a different mood I guess or rather in a very good mood the other day. Just when I thought, we were done with all the good dishes, Chef Tardi along with his team runs to battlefield with their armours to knock us off. They decide to serve a platter of ice-cream (Crème Brûlée, Orange-Campari ice-cream, Pineapple Basil ice-cream) along with Liquid Nitrogen ice-cream’ cooked live.

You can see the visual representation of Liquid Nitrogen ice-cream being prepared by Chef Tardi.

And the final presentation.. well I don’t have words.

Presenting to  you the team who worked really hard in the kitchen to make sure everything that reached our table was top notch.

Verdict: 4.5/5


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