Chef Narender greets ‘Year of the Monkey’ with his speciality Chinese delicacies

In your lifetime you come across various characters but there are only few who leave a positive impression just at the dawn. The character I am talking here about is a remarkable person, a Chef by profession and his experience is way more than my age. I am referring to Chef Narender Singh, Culinary Director at Park PlazaBengaluru, a member of the prestigious Chaine Des Rotisseurs and he was recently awarded with the Hotelier India Award 2015- Chef of the Year.

It is always a pleasure and honour to meet a Chef of his calibre. It is no surprise that I have been to Park Plaza as many as three times in a month’s time.

Few days back, I was invited to Shao at Park Plaza to be part of pre-festival dinner prepared by the ever smiling Chef Narender celebrating Year of the Monkey.

Our evening started with a revitalizing drink and surprisingly good prawn crackers. I first took one, than two, than the third and it just followed but I was relieved to see that I was not the only person who couldn’t hold on to just one. Ahh! what a start it was.

If it wasn’t for ‘Lung – Fung Soup’, we wouldn’t have kept our hands off those crackers. Talking about the saviour, it was a Chicken and Prawn mince soup with black mushrooms. That bowl of steaming soup had the right amount of flavors and spices to set up the tempo. Absolutely brilliant! It was served with steamed buns and oh boy, how soft was that. The combination of soup and the steamed buns were so good that fellow bloggers couldn’t stop but request for another small portion of soup.

Next up was appetizers and Chef Narender has always something special to offer. This time it was in the form of ‘Dragon Chicken’ and ‘Vegetarian & Sea Food Gyoza’.

Talking about the former, the chicken was wrapped in a pandan leaf and was accompanied by rice paper wrapped roll filled with fresh vegetables and musk melon. Two contrary things on the same plate but still made so much sense. That’s the beauty of the Chef. The chicken which was cooked with pandan leaves on, was imbued by kaffir lime and lemongrass whereas the rice paper roll, a very light refreshing side kick stole the show. The hint of musk melon amongst the veggies took this to a different level.

And now the latter, the veggie gyoza was stuffed with shitake mushrooms, water chestnuts and Chinese cabbage. And the sea food gyoza was stuffed with scallops, tiger prawns and water chestnuts. I really enjoyed the sea food stuffing and wished if it wasn’t single serving. This really left me wanting for more.

And just when we thought, it’s time to get started with the main course; Chef Narender surprised us all by presenting a ‘whole cooked fish’, nicely dressed up with vegetables. Fish is a very important element in the Chinese New Year celebrations. People there perceives fish as ‘surplus’ and believes that some part of the fish should be left over to indicate surplus for the New Year.

Finally, the main course was served. It had a long list of chicken, sea food, lamb and farm fresh vegetables accompanied by rice and noodles.

Everything served on table as part of main course was top notch and had a distinct taste to offer but the one which really stand out from the crowd was ‘Prawn Mandarin’. Ohh boy, the how beautifully these prawns were cooked. I was already full and asked to serve just one piece of prawn but regretting it I had call back and ask for few more. A pat on the back of Chef for not letting the sauce over power my favourite prawns. This is definitely a must try when you are visiting Shao in few days’ time.

Other main course included ‘Banana Leaf Wrapped Deep Fired Chicken flavoured with Galanjal and Lemon Grass’, ‘Braised Shredded Lamb with Cha Choy’ accompanied by ‘Braised Soba Noodles with Chinese cabbage and Mushrooms’, ‘Vegetarian Hakka Noodles’ and ‘Steamed Jasmine Rice’.

The vegetarian main course included ‘Stir fry garlic bokchoy with water chestnut’, ‘Sichuan Style spicy seasonal vegetable, tofu and bamboo shoot’ and ‘Shredded Shitke with Asparagus’.

Concluding this never ending menu with a Chef special dessert - ‘Crisp Fruit roll served with Date and Almond Ice Cream topped with Lychee and Praline’.

What you have read above was just a trailer of what is in store for you when you visit ‘Shao’ at Park Plaza in the Chinese New Year Celebrations starting 5th February’16. As usual, Chef Narender leaves his mark on the delicacies served. He is just wonderful with the amount of knowledge that reflects in his cooking.

I would highly recommend this place if you have any doubts in your mind.

Verdict: 4.5/5

What: Delicacies prepared by Chef Narender to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

When: 5th February’16 onwards.

Price: INR 1500 and 1800 (plus taxes)

Where: Shao – Park Plaza Bengaluru


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